Mobile 11 monthly 5G package

At the end of September, the three major telecom operators in China have started the 5g package booking activity, preparing for the official launch of the next 5g package. On October 25, Mobile said that 5g package will come out in November. What about 5g package in November? When will it be launched? How much is the charge?
I. what’s going on with the 5g package of mobile in November? When will it be launched?
It is understood that in addition to the opening ceremony forum, the official invitation of Pt exhibition was also marked with “5g commercial launch ceremony”. Later, Tencent News “frontline” asked operators for confirmation, but the specific content is not yet determined.
People familiar with the matter told Tencent News frontline that the marketing department of the operator is currently preparing relevant matters, including the design of 5g commercial tariff package, terminal services and network deployment enhancement.
Li Wei, deputy general manager of Beijing Mobile, also revealed at the 5g Industry Alliance conference this afternoon that the 5g business package will be officially launched on November 1. The other two also said they would launch 5g tariff package at the same time.
On June 6 this year, China officially issued 5g license plate, which entered the first year of commercial use. 5g is characterized by large bandwidth, high speed and low delay. Subsequently, major operators launched 5g trial commercial and launched 5g friendly user experience and other services.
On September 30, major operators opened 5g package booking, and users can get 100g of 5g traffic every month for free. According to statistics, in less than a month, the number of 5g subscribers has exceeded 10 million.

  1. How much is the cost of 5g package in November?
    In terms of 5g tariff, operators hope to change the mode of 4G charging mainly based on single dimension of traffic, and provide multi dimension and multi-mode billing, so as to promote 5g to achieve a wider range of applications in all aspects and achieve greater value of 5g.
    In 5g network, according to the latest information released by the Ministry of industry and information technology, China has opened more than 80000 5g base stations, and it is expected that by the end of 2019, the number of 5g base stations nationwide will exceed 130000. Huawei, ZTE, vivo and other mainstream mobile phone brands have launched 5g commercial terminals, and the price has also declined compared with the original.