Lin Chiling wedding banquet date

According to Taiwan media, Lin Zhiling, a member of Akira, a brother of Japan’s tiantuan lascivious group, flashed marriage on June 6 without warning. 2. Before the event, they kept their secrets. After the announcement of the wedding news, they also had their own jobs. They went to Japan to attend the event until August. When asked about the wedding preparation progress, the wedding ceremony was not decided yet. (date) was determined. We will inform you later. Media later revealed that Lin Zhiling had been secretly preparing for the wedding, which was scheduled to be held in Tainan, her father’s hometown, on November 17.
Lin Zhiling’s wedding banquet date and place exposed on November 17 in her father’s hometown
Lin Zhiling and her husband Akira wrote in their wedding invitation:
Dear my dearest you
Little invitation from us ~
Because you are very important to us, please accept our love hug. Let happiness extend infinitely ~
November 17, 2019 in Tainan
We’re expecting a little ritual party in the afternoon