Today’s headline was interviewed

On November 12, according to, recently, the Beijing Internet information office seriously interviewed the relevant leaders of today’s headlines in response to the bad information that defamed Comrade Fang Zhimin, the revolutionary hero, in the search results outside today’s headlines. The home of webmaster, the first original reprint of, the reprint of, the reprint of, the reprint of, the reprint of Beijing Internet Information Office, the home of webmaster, requires today’s headlines to be rectified, relevant information to be thoroughly cleaned up, relevant responsible persons to be punished, internal mechanism to be improved, search function to be improved, original service management of information to be strengthened, distortion, defamation and blasphemy to be prevented To desecrate and negate the information dissemination of heroic deeds and spirits. The relevant person in charge of today’s headlines said that he would strictly implement the interview requirements of the Internet Information Department, earnestly fulfill the main responsibility, strengthen the search management and timely and comprehensive rectification. At the same time, the Municipal Office of network and information technology stressed that the local websites should draw lessons from each other, strictly implement the law on the protection of heroes and martyrs, adhere to the correct guidance of public opinion, and actively create a clear cyberspace.