List of online loan refunds

Since November, more and more regions have joined in the “refund plan” of online loans, leaving little time for this once “flash in the pan” industry.
On November 15, the office of the leading group for the special rectification of P2P network lending risk in Henan Province studied and determined the list of the first batch of 12 network lending platforms to cancel the website filing number in Henan Province, and said that since 2016, the network lending industry in Henan Province has been carrying out special rectification, so far no one platform has passed the acceptance of full compliance, and other provinces are engaged in network lending in Henan Province None of the branches of the business has been filed with the local financial regulatory authority.
“The direction of future remediation is very clear,” Li Junfeng, director of Inclusive Finance Department of the CBRC, said at the CBRC ventilation meeting on November 12. In general, there are three sentences: take clearing as the goal, exit as the main direction, and legal and compliant classified disposal as the main means to strive to complete the task of special rectification stage of online lending in a period of time. “
According to the incomplete statistics of the public information, the first financial reporter found that up to now, 18 regions have released the P2P withdrawal list.
North, Shanghai and Shenzhen are the most concentrated areas of online loan platforms. Among them, in Shenzhen, on November 15, the office of the leading group for the special rectification of Internet financial risks in Shenzhen issued the fifth batch of voluntary withdrawals from the special rectification of P2P network lending risks in Shenzhen and declared that the online lending business has settled the list of online lending institutions. Since May this year, the Shenzhen local financial regulatory bureau has announced 145 online loan platforms that have voluntarily withdrawn.
In Beijing and Shanghai, there are media reports that the two regions will completely ban P2P network loan operation institutions. Although Beijing Internet Finance Industry Association and Shanghai Internet Finance Industry Association immediately clarified that the above information is untrue, the benign withdrawal has been in progress.
In June this year, the Shanghai local financial regulatory bureau announced 99 of the first batch of lost P2P online lending institutions. In July, Chaoyang District Internet Finance Association of Beijing announced the first batch of 19 lost P2P network loan institutions. Up to now, Beijing has announced two batches of 34 lost P2P platforms.
Among the regions that announced the list of refunds, Hunan Province, Shandong Province, Guangzhou City, Chongqing city and Henan Province all said that there has not been a fully compliant platform so far in 2016. Among them, Hunan and Chongqing said that they would “one size fits all” to ban P2P online lending business.
On October 16, the local financial regulatory bureau of Hunan Province announced that “since 2016, the P2P online loan industry in our province has been undergoing special renovation, and so far no platform has passed the acceptance of full compliance. Other institutions of P2P business in our province and branches of other provinces engaged in P2P business in Hunan have not been included in the administrative verification, and the P2P business carried out by them will be banned together. “
On October 18, the local financial supervision and Administration Bureau of Shandong Province issued the letter of warning on the risks of online lending industry (hereinafter referred to as the letter of warning). According to the letter of warning, at present, P2P online lending industry is undergoing special risk remediation, and so far, no platform has passed the acceptance of full compliance. In the future, all P2P network loan businesses that fail to pass the acceptance will be banned.
On November 8, Chongqing local financial supervision bureau announced that “up to now, no institution in 2016 has fully complied with and passed the acceptance, and all P2P online loan businesses have not been approved or filed by the financial supervision department. Now 29 institutions that have reported the settlement of P2P network loan business and intend to withdraw voluntarily are publicized. At the same time, P2P network loan business carried out by other institutions in our city is banned. No institution is allowed to carry out P2P network loan business without permission. “
According to the data, by the end of October, there were 427 online operation online loan platforms under the system supervision, 60% less than the end of last year, 50% less than the loan balance of online loan platforms, and 55% less than the number of borrowers.