Trump once again warned Iran that it would not hesitate to launch new weapons and equipment if it attacked the United States

[global network reporter Zhu Mengying]

“if Iran attacks US bases or any Americans, we will launch some new and beautiful equipment to them, without hesitation!” in the early morning of local time on the 5th, trump continued to push and threaten Iran. A few hours ago, he vehemently warned Iran, “if Iranians dare to attack Americans or American assets, we have targeted 52 Iranian targets.”
“The United States has just spent $2 trillion on military equipment. We are the largest and the best in the world! If Iran attacks US bases or any American, we will not hesitate to launch some new and beautiful equipment to them, and not hesitate to! “Trump wrote on twitter.
About 20 minutes ago, trump tweeted a tweet from Republican congressman Dan Crenshaw. Crenshaw first tweeted an interview with David Petraeus, former commander of the U.S. military and director of the Central Intelligence Agency, published in Foreign Policy magazine. Petraeus said trump could help “rebuild deterrence” by killing suleymani. He also said Sulaimani’s killing sent a clear message to the regime that the United States would not tolerate continued provocations.
The first step in any strategy, klenshaw said, was to stop the terrorist regime from attacking us “without counterattack.”.
Trump then forwarded klenshaw’s tweet and wrote, “they attacked us and we fought back. If they attack us again, I strongly advise them not to do so, and we will launch a blow against them that they have never experienced! “
On the evening of the 4th local time, several areas in Iraq were attacked by rockets and mortars, including the Celebration Square in the green area of Baghdad, jadriya on the South Bank of the Tigris River and Balad Air Force Base in Salah DIN province. Shortly after that, President trump of the United States updated his tweet, accusing Iran vehemently. “Iran has been a problem that hasn’t been solved for many years. Take this (twitter) as a warning. If Iranians dare to attack Americans or American assets, we have targeted 52 Iranian targets (yes, the number is corresponding to that year’s 52 American hostages were taken by Iran). Some of these targets are extremely important to Iran and its culture, and they will be hit fast and hard! The United States does not want to see any more threats! “Trump wrote.
The number of “52” mentioned in Trump’s tweet also highlights the US Iraq resentment. In 1979, after the Islamic revolution in Iran, the US embassy was occupied and 52 US diplomats and civilians were taken hostage.