The strictest letter will be launched soon

Pay attention! The most important thing that buyers care about: the second generation personal credit system is coming soon!
Just two days ago, the central bank said at the just concluded annual working meeting that it would steadily promote the online upgrading of the second generation credit system this year, and strengthen the security management of personal credit information and personal privacy protection. For a while, the popularity of the second generation credit reporting system went up.
Soon, the market began to appear about the second generation credit system specific timetable. According to 21st century economic report, according to people familiar with the situation, the central bank will launch the second generation personal credit system on January 20 and provide queries, but the function of personal credit reporting is expected to be delayed until May.
Before that, major banks in many cities successively issued a notice saying that the national credit inquiry system was suspended from service and that subsequent opening would be subject to notice. Friends circle intermediary is more lively, has released news that the proposal just need to buy a house in advance, the new version of credit will affect the loan. All kinds of signs show that the second generation of credit investigation is really coming. However, at present, the official hasn’t made clear the online time of the second generation credit system.
However, as soon as the above market news came out, A-share capital was very restless. On the morning of January 9, the credit rating index rose 3% suddenly, becoming one of the concept plates leading the rise on that day, and many stocks in the plate rushed to the limit after opening. By the end of the afternoon, the credit rating index was up 2.18%, with nearly 8 billion funds pouring in. Some organizations predict that the second generation of Zhenxin will go online and the application scenarios will be extended. The domestic market space can reach 100 billion yuan.