The host is feverish and insists on going to work

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed that Fujikawa Yuta had have a fever of 38 degrees Celsius in April 3rd, but he resumed fever in 1 hours, and reported fever on 4. Although he told the producer by using communication software, he said, “I want to check tomorrow,” but the next day, I felt sick and did not go to see the doctor.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was found in 7 daily news. He felt sputum on the throat. He climbed up the stairs 8 days later and began breathing. He made a report to the chief producer on 9 th. He still decided to continue to work for the news and then began to rest. Only at the end of the last 8 nights was he diagnosed with the new crown pneumonia in the hospital.
Unfortunately, on the evening of the 15th, the chief producer and director of the news program also confirmed the infection, among which the director was the husband of another female anchor, chijiang zhuxu. Due to the increase in the number of infected people, at present, all the staff of the program are shut down and isolated at home. In order to be able to continue production and broadcasting, people must be transferred from other programs before and behind the scenes.
It is understood that Yoshida Fuchuan is the host of “reporting station” program, and is responsible for broadcasting from Monday to Thursday. So he hoped to go to see a doctor on Thursday the 9th, but he didn’t expect to get the new coronavirus. “I deeply regret that I continue to work, ignoring fever and not reporting it clearly to the company,” he said