Blessing from Li Lanjuan, Zhongnanshan

In order to make up for the new people who delayed their wedding due to the epidemic situation at the beginning of this year, on April 25, sponsored by the Publicity Department of Deqing County Party committee, the Management Committee of Moganshan international tourism resort, the culture, radio, television, tourism and Sports Bureau of Deqing County, and co sponsored by Deqing County women’s Federation, the Deqing County Committee of the Communist Youth League, and the Moganshan residential industry association of Deqing County “Landscape empathy” 2020 Moganshan large outdoor public welfare collective wedding was held in Anli, Moganshan county. It was a commemorative collective wedding for 40 couples from the Yangtze River Delta who delayed their wedding due to the epidemic.
At 1 p.m., the wedding ceremony officially begins. The handsome bridegrooms lead their beautiful brides to enter slowly.
The opening performance of Yueju Opera and poetry recitation performance “I want to meet you in Mogan mountain” opened the romantic curtain for the new people.
Testify marriage for the new couple.
The group wedding custom gifts and the free honeymoon package of Changbai Mountain newcomers are presented to the newcomers.
Relevant leaders delivered a speech on the spot, sending sincere blessing to the new people.
At the wedding ceremony, the new people exchange rings, kiss each other, make promises to each other, and release the balloon of hope.
The wedding ceremony officially released the “Yangtze River Delta recommended honeymoon”, and announced the first batch of wedding photography and wedding honeymoon base in Moganshan.
The singer and the new people sang together the song “little dimple”, which showed their happiness and played the symphony of sweet love.
At last, academician Zhong Nanshan and Academician Li Lanjuan were invited to send their best wishes to the new couple through audio and video.
Wearing tuxedos and wedding gowns, the 40 couples jointly read out their vows of love and exchanged witness of love. They are either medical staff on the front line of anti epidemic, or social workers and volunteers who stick to the grass-roots level in the rear, or ordinary people who “make contributions from home” have left sweet memories and a lifetime promise at the beautiful Mogan foothills.
The epidemic situation is merciless and there is love in the world. When the spring is warm and the flowers are blooming, they will start a new journey at the foot of Mogan mountain. From then on, they will spend every spring, summer, autumn and winter together with two people a day, three meals and four seasons.