Hua Chunying, I can’t breathe

Street protests have broken out in 33 cities across the country, and politicians are still involved in China’s internal affairs.
On May 30, U.S. State Department spokesman Morgan altagus tweeted about Hong Kong’s national security legislation, “this is a critical moment for the world. It will go down in history. Freedom loving people around the world must abide by the rule of law and hold the CPC accountable for its blatant violation of its commitment to the people of Hong Kong. “
Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying forwarded the tweet, adding, “I can’t breathe.”
Later, Zhao Lijian forwarded Hua Chunying’s tweet.
“I can’t breathe” is exactly what Freud, the hero of the white police, said when he asked for help.
Many netizens also replied to Hua Chunying, “I can’t breathe”, and posted pictures of Freud when he was violently enforced.
Another netizen posted a shocking picture and wrote: “America: we are not standing with our people, we kneel on their necks.”
Previously, President trump of the United States announced that China’s formulation of the “Hong Kong version of the national security law” has transformed the commitment of “one country, two systems” into “one country, one system”, and said that the United States “will take action to cancel the preferential treatment enjoyed by Hong Kong as a separate customs and tourism area of China”.
A spokesman for the Hong Kong SAR Government replied on the evening of May 30 that Hong Kong is an inseparable part of the people’s Republic of China. Anyone who accuses the people’s Republic of China of not having the right to protect its own country from secession, terrorist threats and chaos is untenable. It is also a clear manifestation of double standards and hypocrisy.
A spokesman for the Hong Kong SAR government said that President Trump’s allegations that Hong Kong is now a “one country, one system” are totally wrong and ignore the facts. “We believe that the imposition of sanctions or trade restrictions on Hong Kong is unreasonable and will only lead to the collapse of the mutually beneficial relations between Hong Kong and the United States, which have been established for many years, and harm local and American enterprises and their employees in Hong Kong.”