Dragon Boat Festival holiday arrangement

There’s less than a month left,
Dragon Boat Festival is coming!
According to the Relevant Circular of the general office of the State Council,
This year’s Dragon Boat Festival holiday is
June 25-27, 3 days in total.
Have you arranged for three days?
I don’t know which days are off yet?
What day do you need to make up for work?
Come and have a look!
Which days of dragon boat festival do you take off?
The Dragon Boat Festival:
■ 3 days off from June 25 to 27.
■ work on June 28 (Sunday).
If you work overtime on Dragon Boat Festival
How to calculate overtime pay?
Come and have a look
On the 25th of June (Dragon Boat Festival), employees arranged to work shall be paid not less than 300% of their wages.
From June 26th to June 27th, if it is impossible to arrange workers to work and compensatory leave, pay no less than 200% of the salary.
Count your fingers
More than half in 2020
in addition
There’s another piece of bad news for you
After Dragon Boat Festival, the second half of the holiday
There’s only one left!
National Day and Mid Autumn Festival in 2020 on the same day
“Two in one”
The good news is
Last vacation
You can take eight days off!
Let’s make arrangements for the holidays~
Be safe and work hard before holidays~