Man arrested for drugging in restaurant

On the evening of July 15, Futian branch of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau issued a notice on “female customers being drugged by male partners”. Zhao, a suspected man, has been detained by the police for rape.
Later, the woman Xiaoxue (pseudonym) told the cover news reporter that she had learned of the news, “thank you, thank the police for your efforts. Next, I will cooperate with the police investigation, not choose to forgive, and wait for the final fair result.”
Previously, according to the cover news report, on July 4, Zhao asked Xiaoxue to meet for dinner in a cafeteria in Shenzhen. During the dinner, Zhao took advantage of her leaving the table and “drugged” her water cup. The staff in the restaurant immediately took away the cup and kindly reminded her.
On July 12, Xiaoxue narrated the whole experience completely. After that, Zhao hoped to apologize and ask for forgiveness, saying that “drugging” was just a prank and wanted to see the girl’s reaction.
On July 15, Zhao was detained by the police on suspicion of rape.
According to the police circular, the incident of “female customers suspected of being drugged by male partners” has aroused widespread concern of all walks of life and caused adverse social impact. The Futian branch of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau has continued to strengthen its work on the basis of early multi-party investigation. Recently, Zhao, a suspected man, was arrested. The case is under further trial.
Recently, Zhu, the head of Futian police station, reported to the police that on the evening of July 4, 2020, when he was dining with a man in a cafeteria, he was told by the restaurant staff that the man had poured white powder into the drink, and the situation was suspicious. After receiving the report, the police attached great importance to the investigation and immediately dispatched capable police to carry out investigation. At about 17:00 on July 14, the suspect man Zhao was arrested and brought back for investigation.
After investigation, the suspect Zhao (male, 23 years old) and the victim Zhu (female, 22 years old) got to know each other through social activities. Later, the two sides mostly communicated through Internet tools and met occasionally. On July 4, Zhao invited Zhu to have a dinner in Shenzhen. During this period, Zhao took advantage of Zhu left the table, put white powder into his drinking water cup (according to Zhao, he bought when studying abroad), trying to make Zhu drink, seeking stimulation. This was found by the restaurant staff will promptly replace the water cup, and informed Zhu. After Zhu reported to the police. On July 15, according to the provisions of Article 236 of the criminal law of the people’s Republic of China, Futian police have legally detained Zhao, a suspected man suspected of rape.
While strengthening public security prevention and cracking down on all kinds of illegal and criminal acts, the police advocate and encourage brave and intelligent actions in the case. They express their appreciation to the restaurant staff who stood up in the case and cooperated closely to stop the illegal and criminal acts in time, and thank them for their efforts to maintain good social security and order.