My ex husband said he was cheating

On the afternoon of July 25, the door of the missing woman’s home in Hangzhou had been sealed, and flowers and other items were sent in front of the door. (Photo by our reporter / Kan Yanzhang)
Reporter of our journal / Yi Yanzhang
At 10:00 a.m. on July 25, Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau held a press conference to disclose the details of the “Hangzhou women’s disappearance case”, which has attracted much attention. The case was classified as “a case of premeditated intentional homicide”.
After Xu Guoli, the suspect and the husband of the deceased, was arrested. According to his initial account, he was dissatisfied with his wife’s coming to Huili because of family life conflicts. In the early morning of July 5, he killed Lai Huili while he was sleeping at home, and separated his body and then scattered and abandoned him.
At about 11:00 p.m. on July 25, China News Weekly contacted Mr. Yu, the ex husband of the deceased Lai Huili. The following is his oral statement:
I learned that my ex-wife came to Huili and disappeared on the night of July 6th. That day, I met my daughter on the way. My daughter said her mother couldn’t find it. At that moment, I didn’t expect that there would be an accident when I came to Huili. I just thought that there might be a quarrel between husband and wife, and I would be back in a few days.
I didn’t help my daughter find it. I’m the ex husband who came to Huili. I don’t fit in. But I’ll talk to my daughter on the phone about her mother. At first, my daughter called me. Later, after I had a hunch that my ex-wife might be killed, my daughter would not call me, and I would call to ask my daughter. As far as I know, at first, it was the family members of the ex-wife and mother who checked, monitored and looked for someone, but they didn’t find them for three consecutive days and nights. Later, the police followed and searched for many days, but no one was found. I think my ex-wife is a lot less lucky.
I heard that the man has been very calm. A few days ago, the police to draw the water under the community, Xu Guoli also went to the scene to see. In the middle, the police came to me. My daughter accompanied me all the way, and I would answer whatever the police asked me. I told my ex-wife the whole story. On that day, I was at the gate of Sijiqing police station when the death notice of my ex-wife was sent out. When my daughter saw me, she cried and said, “my mother is gone.”. I also feel sad. The relationship between my ex-wife and me is neither a match nor a marriage. But after all, my daughter was born to my ex-wife, isn’t it? After all, there is still emotion.
Lai Huili and I met through matchmaking. I’ll talk about it when it’s introduced to me. We had a good talk, so we got married. When we were together, we had a good relationship. At that time, I was in the welding business. Besides being a little dirty for the workers, the business was still OK. We have never had any contradiction. I always let her do anything. I’m not the kind of person who likes to talk back.
Half a year before our divorce, there was something wrong with our relationship. At that time, Lai Huili did not go home. She was living with Xu Guoli and they opened a duck farm in Shanghai. I asked someone to know something about Huili and Xu Guoli. Before I came to Huili with me, I probably talked to Xu Guoli about his boyfriend and girlfriend. Later, they broke up. One year after we got married, Xu Guoli found laihuili through a female friend who came to Huili, and they gradually got together again. Later, when I came to Huili for divorce, I, my parents, my mother, sister and brother-in-law disagreed. At that time, our days were actually very good. Our living standard is the well-off level, and the house has just been demolished, with 300000 yuan allocated. And at that time, there were very few divorced people in our rural areas. But Lai Huili was determined to divorce.
She sued me twice for divorce. I don’t care about the money. My family’s money always comes to Huili. At that time, Lai Huili also told me that if I didn’t get divorced, she would spend all our savings and take out loans outside. She said that after the divorce, I would bear half of her debt and threaten me (divorce). What can you do with her in this way? In the end, I think it’s OK to leave. Around 2007, we divorced and my daughter was raised by me.
After the divorce, we never contacted. Come to Huili and live in a community with my parents. I’m not willing to go to that community, for fear that others will gossip. These two days, after an accident in Huili, I couldn’t sleep well at night. I had lived with my ex-wife for so many years. I had some feelings.