The family members of the girl victims talk about Hong

On August 4, police in Menghai, Yunnan Province reported that the remains of Li Yueyue, a 21-year-old Nanjing female college student who lost contact in Yunnan Province, had been found. According to reports, Li was murdered by her boyfriend Hong Mou in collusion with others.
Before that, Li’s father, in the process of going to Yunnan to look for his daughter, faced with public opinion that he would suspect his daughter’s boyfriend Hong, he once told the media that he hoped not to put too much pressure on him. Li Fu did not suspect Hong at that time.
On August 6, Li’s cousin Li Mou Yu told the Red Star News reporter that the family had never thought that his cousin’s death would have something to do with Hong. He said that after his cousin was “missing”, Hong has been cooperating with his family to find out, which has also eliminated the family’s suspicion of him. At one time, they thought that Li may have gone to Yunnan to play by himself and was kidnapped or abducted, and so on.
Li said that during the Dragon Boat Festival this year, my cousin took her boyfriend Hong home and met all her relatives. Although he did not go back to Nanjing, but still from his family there to get the evaluation of Hong, “feeling is OK, the family are very happy.”
“When she said she was going to take her boyfriend home, she was very happy to send me a message asking if I would go back, but I really didn’t have time. She also said that she would see you next time.” Li recalled.
Before that, Li also talked about her boyfriend with her cousin Li, “she said that her boyfriend is tall and handsome, and there are some enterprises in Nanjing.”. But at that time, Li didn’t ask too much. He only told Li that since both of them thought it was good, they would talk slowly, “I heard her say that people are OK, so I just hope she gets better and better.”
At the beginning, the family learned that Li was in love, and had hoped that she would take her time. However, after they had been in contact for more than half a year and their family saw Hong himself, they began to accept the relationship and began to think about their marriage. “According to the normal way of thinking, if two people get along well for a period of time, and they both think it’s very good, they can go to the man’s side to discuss again, and then we will talk about marriage. This is a natural thing.”
Li believes that Hong has been in Nanjing in the process of the incident remote control of the whole incident: let the other two suspects go to Menghai, Yunnan Province to “ambush”, and then deceive his sister and kill her. “The reason why the other two people would be willing to cooperate with the murderer is probably in the hands of Hong Mou.” Li said.
In Li’s opinion, Hong chose to commit a crime in Menghai mainly because it was close to the border. “If you bury the body again, the family members can’t find it in the past. The police will think that it may be playing and missing there. At that time, the police can’t find it and there is no way. Finally, it will be a case of missing. We will not believe that his boyfriend is leading this matter.”
“I think he wanted to make this a case of disappearance and let it go.” Li said.
At the same time, Li believes that some of the things about tourism collected in his cousin’s social account may also have been done by Hong, making the police mistakenly believe that Li is going to travel. “But even if she wants to travel, she can’t go to such a remote place alone.”
Li once doubted Hong for a moment, “I asked my uncle if Hong was there, whether he cooperated after the incident, whether he had left Nanjing or left the country.” But the answer is that Hong has been in Nanjing and has been actively cooperating. What his cousin can’t find is that he told his family on July 10, the day after the incident.
“It is precisely because Hong did not go to Yunnan, so we did not suspect him, and we did not suspect that this was a murder case. His behavior has completely misled us
According to Li, more than 10 family members from Nanjing’s hometown have arrived in Yunnan to deal with the matter.
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According to media reports, Li is a fresh student who graduated from the flight attendant major of Jiangsu Vocational and Technical College of economy and trade in June this year. Her family lives in Yangzhou and is the only daughter in her family. Her father is an enterprise employee and her mother is a kindergarten teacher.
According to a cover news report, Li’s father said in an interview on August 3 that her daughter Xiaoyue graduated from Jiangsu Vocational and Technical College of economics and trade in July this year. Before her disappearance, she lived with her boyfriend Hong Mou in a community of Maqun street in Nanjing. On July 8, Xiaoyue had a quarrel with Hong.
At 10:42 a.m. on July 9, Xiaoyue left Maqun No.1 community, Qixia District, Nanjing alone. After that, her phone was turned off, and wechat and QQ did not respond.
He said that his daughter was not abnormal the day before she lost contact, but just chatted about her family routine on wechat, “my daughter is a more cheerful and generous person in life, and she likes to go out with friends at ordinary times. But because of the family’s economic reasons, they only play in some surrounding areas. Our family conditions are also relatively common, so the loss of contact is an inexplicable situation. “
Mr. Li said that the quarrel between her daughter and her boyfriend reported on the Internet was just a little noise in daily life, “they are not