Zhang Yuhuan talks about his ex-wife

On August 4, Jiangxi Provincial Higher People’s Court issued a public judgment on the retrial of the defendant Zhang Yuhuan’s intentional homicide in accordance with the law, revoking the judgment of the original trial and declaring Zhang Yuhuan innocent. Zhang Yuhuan, who was detained for 9778 days, was finally freed.
After his acquittal, Zhang Yuhuan returned to his hometown, Zhangjia village, Huangling Township, Jinxian County, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. Surrounded by the crowd, ex-wife song xiaonu fainted because she was too excited. She couldn’t wait to wait for the hug. The next day, they shook hands. Zhang Yuhuan told reporters that they didn’t hold hands because they were afraid that song xiaonu would be too excited, so they shook hands like friends.
“I think the future (and song Xiaonv) is a friend relationship.” Zhang Yuhuan chuckled and told reporters that before he was officially released, song xiaonu bought him a mobile phone, a set of clothes to change, toothpaste and toothbrush. “Just like when we were husband and wife, it’s beyond my imagination, and I’m deeply in love.” Zhang Yuhuan said that he deeply wished her peace and security.
After returning to his hometown, Zhang Yuhuan received waves of people, and his once deserted home was bustling with excitement. There are many troubles in the noise. Zhang Baogang, Zhang Yuhuan’s son, told the Chinese philanthropist that since his father’s return home, a number of “miscellaneous” people such as we media have come to visit. Many of them are curious and even come to take a group photo, which makes their family very disturbed.
“We’re even taking pictures of our meals.” In desperation, they had to leave home for a while.
With Zhang Yuhuan’s departure, the village also returned to tranquility. The villagers living near Zhangjia told China philanthropist that they were also very sympathetic to Zhang Yuhuan.
Zhang Yuhuan is in his temporary residence in Jinxian County, Jiangxi Province, on August 9. Photography / WAN Xiaojun
Wang Fei, Zhang Yuhuan’s lawyer, told the Chinese philanthropist that Zhang Yuhuan would rest for a period of time after returning home, and would start relevant procedures for matters such as state compensation, “we need to discuss some details in detail.”
What happened to Zhang Yuhuan in prison after years of detention? After more than 20 years to regain his freedom, how does he face the unfamiliar world? What’s his opinion on the appeal of public opinion for accountability and compensation? On the morning of August 9, Chinese philanthropist interviewed Zhang Yuhuan.
“Extorting confessions by torture will never be forgotten until death”
Chinese philanthropist: you have been in prison for more than 20 years, and you have said that you have written five or six hundred complaints. What is the hardest part of this long wait?
Zhang Yuhuan: in prison, we can only write a complaint to hand in this channel. The most painful thing is to swallow it in the stomach with grievances. I don’t have any culture, no expression ability, and I can’t express it. I just keep it in my heart. When you feel sad about new year’s holidays, you can look at the pictures of children.
Zhang Yuhuan used to live in Zhangjia village, zhentouling, Jinxian County, Jiangxi Province, on August 8. Photography / WAN Xiaojun
Chinese philanthropist: you once said that you had to confess when you were tortured to extort a confession? What are the things you can’t stand most?
Zhang Yuhuan: the most unbearable thing is to let a wolf dog bite you; the other is to wear airplane handcuffs. I will never forget until I die.
Chinese philanthropist: what did you think at that time?
Zhang Yuhuan: I couldn’t stand it at that time. I wanted to die and get rid of it earlier.
Chinese philanthropist: you said that you wanted to commit suicide twice when you were in custody, and then you summoned up the courage to appeal again. Which of these factors prompted you to make such a change?
Zhang Yuhuan: I think it’s a wrong case. This complaint is my top priority. In prison, if I don’t appeal, I will have regret if I die; if I appeal, I will not regret; if I appeal, I will try my best, and they will correct me, I will not regret. As the old saying goes, drums don’t play, but they don’t sound.
Chinese philanthropist: do you hate those who torture you?
Zhang Yuhuan: hate! I ask the judiciary to hold them criminally responsible.
Chinese philanthropist: how do you feel when you hear the verdict of innocence?
Zhang Yuhuan: the Jiangxi Higher People’s court held a court session. I said at that time that I was wronged and was beaten into a confession. I asked for my innocence. The prosecutor read out his opinion, and our lawyer also read his opinion. They all said that they were innocent opinions. I was much more practical at that time. Although I didn’t get out in July, it was almost the same one month earlier and one month later (for me).
“Hope to catch the real murderer soon”
Now, you don’t listen to China for two hours?
Zhang Yuhuan: I don’t sleep well every day, and many people come to ask questions. I want to control myself. If I want to sleep, I just can’t sleep.
Chinese philanthropist: how do you feel about the changes in the past few days?
Zhang Yuhuan: in the past, there were sand roads outside, most of which were bicycles. The houses were short, but now they are tall buildings. My mother got old, the child grew up, my father died, and the house fell down.
Chinese philanthropist: now that people all over the country know about you, have you ever thought that you will attract so much attention?
Zhang Yuhuan: never thought about it. Now a lot of people on the street see me, they all say that this person looks familiar, they say they saw you on the Internet, and some people also take pictures of me.
Chinese philanthropist: you were identified as the murderer, village