90 Chinese workers infected with new crown

China’s China workers novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in pat davk City, which is often called by Chinese workers called “North China sweet potato”, has been detected by the health department on Friday. The health department has been testing the Chinese workers living in the region on the same day. At present, about 90 people have been diagnosed with new crown virus, all of them are mild or non infected. symptom.
It is reported that workers with positive test results have been sent to designated hotels for isolation or hospital treatment. The local government has blocked and isolated the relevant areas. Workers with negative test results must continue to be quarantined in their homes for a few days, so as to avoid expanding the scope of infection. The local government will provide food and medical services.
The Chinese Embassy in Israel will pay close attention to the situation of Chinese workers diagnosed and provide necessary help to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, health and safety. Meanwhile, we would like to remind you as follows:
1、 Workers who have been diagnosed should actively cooperate with the local isolation arrangement. If they have abnormal health conditions and need to seek medical treatment, or have other difficulties or demands in life, they should report to the isolated hotel in time;
2、 The workers who still live in the blocked and isolated area of petatikova should actively cooperate with the local isolation and detection requirements, do not leave the isolation area, and try to reduce the outdoor activities and mutual contact. If there are difficulties and demands in life and medical treatment, they should be reported to the local government;
3、 Workers who have recently lived in the relevant areas or other workers who have close contact with the confirmed workers should not conceal the contact history or their condition from the perspective of protecting the health and safety of themselves and others. They should contact the health department for testing as soon as possible, and timely isolate or treat them according to the regulations, so as to avoid further spread of the virus. The government of novel coronavirus pneumonia will be charged by the government.
4、 Other Chinese construction workers are requested to strictly abide by the local epidemic prevention regulations and the construction site epidemic prevention requirements, such as wearing masks, keeping a distance, controlling the contact range, etc., pay attention to personal hygiene in daily life, wash hands frequently, and provide more indoor ventilation, and take effective measures to protect their own health and safety. If there are any suspected symptoms, timely detection or medical treatment, must not be negligent!
If necessary, you can contact the Chinese embassy for help.
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Israel Ministry of health call center: * 5400
Israel medical emergency telephone: 101
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Chinese Embassy in Israel
August 18, 2020