A 520 red envelope can be issued on Chinese Valentine’s Day

Unknowingly, it was the annual Chinese Valentine’s day, and Tengxin also “intimate” sent a blessing, that is, wechat can send 520 yuan big red packets on the same day.
Previously, the limit of wechat red packets was 200 yuan per person, which would be temporarily adjusted only on very special days, such as Western Valentine’s Day “February 14” and new year’s Eve.
Wechat raised the single limit of wechat red packets to 520 yuan on the Chinese Valentine’s day to facilitate the expression of “love” by relevant users.
It is a very common behavior for lovers to send red packets and transfer money to each other. Then the nature of the transfer, the nature of the money, whether it is a loan or a gift, needs to be distinguished. Because one party transfers money to the other party and red packets, it can be divided into normal gifts or expenses needed to provide common life. It can also be understood as the corresponding loan. If this is a loan, do you have the corresponding borrowing procedures, such as a debit note? If you send a 520 red envelope on such a day, and attach my love You, or happy holidays, in this case, we can regard it as a general gift, which can’t be returned if the relationship breaks down in the future.
The lawyer said that if the loan is a loan, relevant evidence must be kept, such as the debit note, chat record screen capture, etc., and if it is accompanied by some words such as “happy holiday”, “I love you”, it can be regarded as a gift and has no right to ask for it back.
Therefore, some lawyers have said: it is not recommended to issue 520 / 1314 / 999, but 1000 / 10000 / 100 to send red envelopes or transfer money. The note says: you should take the flowers first. In case of breaking up, the legal support for recovery, people go without loss of money.