Big robbery in Hong Kong

At 9:38 am on the 25th, Hong Kong police received a report that two robbers had broken into a jewelry store at 43 Hefeng street. The robbers smashed the jewelry counter with beef knives and hammers, robbed about 1 million yuan of gold, and boarded a private car outside the door to escape, according to Hong Kong’s “East net”.
Two robbers got out of the car and entered the jewelry store to commit the crime. (photo source: “East China net”)
Two robbers with hammers and beef knives smashed the jewelry store counter. (photo source: “East China net”)
The robbers snatched several plates of gold from the counter. (photo source: “East China net”)
The big hammer left by the robbers. (photo source: “East China net”)
The police arrived at the scene to investigate after receiving the alarm. There was a hammer left in the shop. The police are looking through the fragments of “Tianyan” and trying to track down the robbers. The case was followed up by the serious crime unit of Dapu police district.
Police blocked the scene for investigation. (photo source: “East China net”)
The police investigated and collected evidence in the jewelry store. (photo source: “East China net”)
It can be seen from the video clip of “Tianyan”: at the time of the crime, two robbers, wearing duck caps and black clothes, took a private car driven by their accomplices to the jewelry store. One of the robbers was holding a hammer, and the other one left the car with a beef knife and nylon bag, and entered the shop to commit a crime. At that time, there were still customers in the store, but they fled immediately after a robbery was found. “East net” reported that the whole process of the crime was about 1 minute and 25 seconds, the bandits smashed the jewelry counter with a hammer and beef knife, snatched four plates of gold, and then boarded the private car to escape.
What’s more, the report also said that a police car passed by the jewelry store one minute before the crime, which did not rule out that the robbers had “trampled on”.
Police went to a nearby restaurant to check the “sky eye” footage for investigation. (photo source: “East China net”)
Hong Kong had a number of previous hammer Gang robbery jewelry shop cases. On July 22, a gold shop in Xinfeng street, Shangshui, was smashed by robbers with knives and hammers and robbed three sets of gold wares with a total value of about HK $1 million. On June 16, four robbers, armed with hammers and sticks, broke into a jewelry store in t town shopping mall in Tianshui Wai, snatched a batch of gold ornaments worth about 1.1 million yuan before escaping. Police later found a burnt vehicle at the bottom of an overpass on Xiacun road.
In addition, on March 3, six South Asian robbers, armed with knives, axes and hammers, went to a jewelry and gold store on education road, Yuen Long, with knives, axes and hammers. They smashed the counter and took away about 30 pieces of jewelry with a total value of about HK $900000. Six South Asian robbers, including two middle school students, were arrested in early April.