Driving electric wheelchair on the street

Recently, in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, netizens revealed that two men were driving electric wheelchairs on the street. “The wheelchair is going faster than us,” said the passenger on the nearby vehicle. According to the national standard GB / t12996-2012 electric wheelchair, the maximum speed of outdoor electric wheelchair is 6km / h and that of road type is 15km / h.
On September 2, Harbin traffic police detachment staff said that electric wheelchair can walk on the sidewalk, but driving too fast is definitely not.
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Some netizens have uploaded such a video. It is suspected that a wheelchair is raging on the main road of the second ring road. If you look at the speed, it is really not slow
Running in a wheelchair is nothing new. In November last year, some netizens also photographed such a scene in the streets of Beijing. A man was driving an electric wheelchair and calmly shuttling through the traffic.
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