PUA suspected suicide in man

According to the bills found by his family members, Yang Shuo has transferred more than 200000 yuan to Su Xing since 2018, excluding the cost of gifts. “I love the way you do it. I can’t just transfer money.” Yang Shuo once complained to Su Xing. “You can just transfer money.” Su Xing told Yang Shuo that the only thing he had to do was to make money unconditionally. Family members believe that Su Xing is suspected of mental control and money fraud in the process of communication with Yang Shuo, which eventually leads to Yang Shuo’s mental breakdown and suicide; while “doll” recommends antidepressant prescription drugs for Yang Shuo without qualification.
Yang Shuo, 26, has been lying in the funeral home of Raoping County, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province for four months. At 9:00 p.m. on May 21, 2020, Raoyang police station in Raoping County informed Yang Shuo’s parents that Yang Shuo died of carbon monoxide poisoning in the Great Wall Hotel in Raoyang town. According to a preliminary investigation by the police, Yang Shuo sealed the doors and windows of the hotel room with tape on the evening of May 20, and then lit a charcoal stove bought in the supermarket. Late in the night of the 21st, Yang Shuo’s family members rushed to Raoping and saw the relics: a mobile phone, a tablet computer, and a letter to his girlfriend Su Xing, which said: “I will lead you to the right path in my life.”