230 people died in the Asian Arab conflict

Beijing, October 4 (Xinhua) at least 230 people have been killed in the conflict in Naka. On the 3rd of local time, the Armenian and Azerbaijani authorities respectively expressed their views on the current situation. The Armenian side said it would use “all necessary means” to protect Armenians from Azerbaijani attacks, while the Azerbaijani side accused the Asian army of attacking Azerbaijani civilians. As the conflict continued, there were calls for an end to the state of hostility.
Calls for an end to hostility
The Armenian side said it was preparing for a long war. Armenian soldiers are firing shells.
Both sides hold their own views
On March 3, Armenian Prime Minister pasinian delivered a television address to the people. He said the fighting on the front line was very fierce and the attack on the Naka area had reached an unprecedented scale. “So far, we have had significant military and civilian casualties,” he said
Shushan stepanian, a spokesman for the Asian defense ministry, said that “fierce fighting took place in the whole front line” on the 3rd, and Armenian army shot down three planes. Earlier, Turkey has sent armed personnel to Azerbaijan in the past week, and the Turkish military is assisting them.
Pashiniyan said that according to information available to the Armenian side, 150 Turkish officers in the Azerbaijani army participated in the command of the operation. “Turkey and Azerbaijan pursue more than just military and political goals.”
The Armenian foreign ministry said that it would take “all necessary means and steps” to prevent “mass atrocities” committed by Azerbaijani and Turkish forces.
However, the Ministry of defence of Azerbaijan denied that any aircraft had been shot down and said Armenian personnel had “shelled” civilian land. Later on the 3rd, Azerbaijani president Aliyev said his army had occupied a town and several villages.
Azerbaijani authorities did not give details of military casualties, but said 19 civilians were killed and 55 others were injured.
On September 27 local time, a new round of conflict broke out between Armenian and Azerbaijani in the Naka region. Both sides accused the other party of violating the cease-fire agreement and taking the lead in launching military attacks. Both sides said that the current conflict between the two sides’ contact lines in the Naka region is still continuing. After the conflict, both countries carried out military mobilization on the same day. (video capture)
In response to the situation in Naka, Russia, France and other parties called for an end to the state of hostility.
Russian satellite network reported on the 3rd that French President Marco Polo and Azerbaijani president Aliyev called for the restoration of the cease-fire system on the contact line in the Naka region and the resumption of peace talks.
On the 2nd, Russian President Vladimir Putin once again held a telephone call with Armenian Prime Minister pashyan to discuss the situation in the Naka region. Putin once again stressed the need for an immediate cease-fire and the resumption of a political and diplomatic solution to the conflict in accordance with the statement of the co chairpersons of the Minsk group of the organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE).
In addition, on October 1, the presidents of Russia, the United States and France issued a joint statement on the conflict in the Naka Karabakh region, strongly condemning the escalation of violence in the contact line of the Naka conflict zone, and calling on all parties to the conflict to cease fire and resume negotiations as soon as possible.