Biden is only six votes short of the victory

Biden is only six votes short of the victory
(observer online) according to the latest news from the associated press on November 4, local time, Democratic presidential candidate Biden has won 16 electoral votes in Michigan. So far, he has won 264 electoral votes, which is six votes short of the 270 votes needed to enter the White House.
Trump, the current US president and Republican candidate, won 214 electoral votes.
In terms of specific states, trump has won 24 states, including:
Alabama (9), Arkansas (6), Florida (29), Idaho (4), Indiana (11), Iowa (6), Kansas (6), Kentucky (8), Louisiana (8), Maine (1), Mississippi (6), Missouri (10), Montana (3), nebu Alaska (4), North Dakota (3), Ohio (18), Oklahoma (7), South Carolina (9), Wyoming (3), Tennessee (11), Texas (38), Utah (6), West Virginia (5), South Dakota (3)
In addition to Michigan, Biden won 248 electoral votes from 23 states including Illinois and Nebraska. It includes:
Wisconsin (10), Illinois (20), Virginia (13), Maryland (10), Delaware (3), New Jersey (14), Connecticut (7), Rhode Island (4), Massachusetts (11), Vermont (3), New Mexico (5), New York (29), Washington, D.C. (3) , Colorado (9), New Hampshire (4), Washington (12), Oregon (7), California (55), Hawaii (4), Minnesota (10), Nebraska (1), Maine (3), and Arizona (11)
Biden won Michigan and Wisconsin on Wednesday, recapturing key territory lost from Democrats four years ago, AP said. At present, the states that are still competing include six states, including Nevada, Pennsylvania and Georgia, as well as some constituencies in Maine. The final statistical results have not been released.
It is understood that there are 538 electoral votes in the U.S. general election, including 535 votes equivalent to the number of members of both houses of Congress, and three votes from Washington, D.C. The candidate with 270 or more votes will win the election.