Australian Prime Minister angered by cartoons

According to Australian Sky News, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison recently asked China to make an official apology on the grounds that Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian “published and forged a propaganda map of an Australian soldier cutting his throat”.
In response, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying retorted at a regular press conference on the 30th that Australian soldiers had committed serious crimes in Afghanistan, which were reported by Australian media themselves and confirmed by the investigation report of Australian Ministry of defense.
Hua Chunying said that the Australian side’s strong response to my colleagues’ personal tweets is to show that it is reasonable for Australian soldiers to ruthlessly kill innocent Afghan civilians. But is it unreasonable for someone to denounce this cold crime? What the Australian government should do is to reflect deeply, bring the perpetrators to justice, make a formal apology to the Afghan people, and solemnly promise to the international community that this terrible crime will never be committed again.
Some foreign scholars and netizens also expressed their views on Morrison’s “nameless fire”. Martin Jacques, a former senior researcher in the Department of political and international studies at Cambridge University, UK, made a typical tweet.
“What is Morrison’s anger? “Photos”? I don’t think so. What really annoys him is that he thinks the Chinese have no right to comment on the murder of Australian special forces in Afghanistan. “
Under this tweet, many netizens praised Martin Jacques. One of the netizens said: “I think what really annoys him is that he didn’t expect the Chinese to comment on their misconduct, which is a common trick of Australians and other countries to deal with China. Don’t forget that China has been fighting for self-defense almost all the time in the past. “
“No one knew about the” picture “until he lost his temper. Why not contact the Ministry of foreign affairs for private discussion? What’s wrong with diplomacy? “
“Once again, white supremacy. If a person is ready to criticize others, be prepared to be criticized in the same way. I don’t understand why these leaders have not learned the power of silence is gold. His criticism will only make things worse. “
It was so noisy that the original author of the painting came out to respond. “Morrison should face up to the reality and focus his attention and energy on domestic affairs. For example, he should manage the discipline of his own country’s troops stationed abroad, so as to prevent similar international tragedies from happening again. This is also a contribution to mankind. Morrison should put less pressure on other countries based on the fact
He also said that if he had the energy, he might draw another picture to respond.