Trump’s farewell speech

Overseas network, January 20 (Xinhua) on the afternoon of 19 local time, the White House released the video of President Trump’s farewell speech on the occasion of leaving office. He said the new government will take office this week, calling on the American people to pray that the new government can successfully protect the security and prosperity of the United States.
In addition to expressing his best wishes to the new government, trump once again condemned the riots in the Capitol building on the 6th. “All Americans are shocked by the attack on congress,” he said. Political violence is an attack on everything we cherish. This can never be tolerated. ” In addition, trump also expressed his thanks to Vice President burns and his family, as well as all the White House staff.
CNN and other US media pointed out that trump will hold a separate farewell event on the day of Biden’s inauguration, which will be held at the Andrews joint base outside Washington. (overseas website Zhao Jianxing)
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