The nightmare wakes up in the morning

There is a little boy named Ming Ming. He is very naughty and very disliked to learn. He is obsessed with computers all the time, playing games, chatting online, etc. Recently, he is addicted to watching horror movies.

The movies he collected on the Internet almost all exude a horrible atmosphere, full of the taste of death, zombies, zombies, in short, are not suitable for this age group, the film is full of negative energy However, the more negative the negative energy in this film, the more obsessed it is. In his own words, it is that the film is full of excitement, challenge, he likes stimulation, and likes to challenge.

In this way, under the support of this theory, it is obvious that after school, it is not good to learn after school. When you turn on the computer, it is how late it is, and whoever comforts does not listen. To be exact, he can’t listen, and the parents and The teacher’s words are all about the wind.

In this way, in the long run, it is clear that not only look at the eyes of the computer to get nearsighted, but he also often has nightmares in the middle of the night. The nightmares are related to zombies and zombies. He often wakes up in nightmares and scares. A cold sweat.

Once, in his dream, he dreamed that he had become a zombie image. It was very scary. He licked a long fang, his eyes turned into two green big holes, and his limbs were thin and weak. Still fine, the limbs are full of some dirty things, so I want to vomit at a glance, obviously seeing my image at the moment, he is frightened, wow, crying, eventually, he scared to cry Woke up.

After waking up, he slowed down for a long time, and gradually walked back to reality. He saw his house surrounded by black and white, afraid of it, hurriedly put on his clothes, dressed in slippers, and came to his mother and dad’s room, clearly. Seeing my mother and father, immediately plunged into their arms, remembering the dreams that have just happened, and the scenes that have always been a nightmare during this time, he could not help but burst into tears.

He told his father and mother about his current situation and his recent nightmare. Mom and Dad comforted him first, then he comforted him: “Obviously, you are always troubled by nightmares, that is because you watch the computer on weekdays. There are too many things with negative energy, and you lead to continuous nightmare. So, in the future, you have to listen to your parents and use your mind for learning. You are a sunny teenager and you should learn more positive energy. The things that are full of sunshine, positive, you can sleep at night, and you will not be disturbed by nightmares.”

This time, for the first time in my life, I listened carefully to the words of the parents. He thought that the parents’ bitterness and comfort were all good for him. He finally listened to it, and the parents’ words were not only heard in the ears, but also heard deep in my heart. At the office.

Since then, it has become like a person, he has become positive, he has become hard to learn, he began to no longer indulge in the computer, began to get rid of the computer, and also do eye exercises every day. He feels that this is the life that he really needs.

The most important thing is that he can sleep peacefully at night, no longer be troubled by nightmares. Because the quality of sleep is improved, he can concentrate on class the next day. He is energetic, so his performance is naturally increased. In this way, it has become a long-awaited baby, and his father and mother laughed. His teacher in charge of the class was also happy. His little mouth was filled with sweet smiles, and he laughed. Yili is full of confidence and full of hope…