Landscape in my heart

In the depths of my mind, there is often a picture of an old green brick house with a green lawn behind it, a fragrant flower horn on one side of the lawn, and a rippling pond at the end of the lawn.
With the coming of summer vacation, I finally had the chance to go back to my hometown and visit my paradise again.
I remember when I was a child, I used to play with my friends around every corner of the old house, especially the lawn, flower horns and pond behind the old house, which often made us forget to return.
In spring, we sprinkled all kinds of flowers on the corner of the lawn: nails, sunflowers, pentagrams, a string of red flowers – as long as we could find flowers, we carefully planted them in the soil. Despite our small size, we are not sloppy in our work, weeding, watering and fertilizing, and we are all in the same state. When the flowers are thriving, we also set up a flower rack to let morning glory and Pentagram flowers blossom on the rack very happily. When the spring breeze comes, we will be bathed in the fragrance of flowers and run on the lawn with our homemade kites. Flying with kites is our brilliant smiling face.
In summer, flowers blossom more brightly, even the air on the lawn is fragrant. Under the flower rack is a good place for us to enjoy the cool. The colorful flowers in the corner attract countless beautiful butterflies and industrious bees. We watched them fly busily and lightly, but no one would catch one to play. At noon, we often hide in the flower horns to eat ice hockey, chat and play games. At that time, no adult disturbed us. In the evening, we take the swimming ring to the pond to compete and see who can swim faster. Sometimes, with the encouragement of sunset, we will have a fierce water battle. At that time, our summer was cool.
Autumn is the ripening season of fruits, and it is also the time when our bunch of small bunnies are full of food. There are several jujube trees beside the lawn. The partners who can climb the tree will climb up the tree, pick the sweet jujube and share with you. Sometimes, we will bring peaches, oranges, apples and so on to hold a rich fruit banquet. When the seeds of all kinds of flowers are ripe, we will pick them carefully and hide them, waiting for the next spring to continue sowing.
Snowy winter is our happiest season. When there is a thick layer of snow on the lawn, we are divided into two teams to fight. Numerous snowballs, big and small, fly up and down over the lawn, and anyone who wants to be careless will be hit in the right direction. Apart from snowball fights, our favorite thing is making snowmen. Almost all of us make the same snowman, but no one will mistake his masterpiece. Winter snow is our best playmate. Every time we are in the call of our parents, we go home step by step three times.
My childhood paradise has given me countless happy and unforgettable memories: in spring, we can weave straw ropes; in summer, we can make garlands; in autumn, we can swing; in winter, we can also play skating.
However, I was really disappointed by this visit to the old land. The paradise I had been there was totally different: the green lawn had turned into a crop field, covered with cotton and soybeans; the flower horns we had laid out by ourselves had disappeared, and even the seeds could not be found; and the pond that once rippled green, Now it’s full of water and grass and can’t swim anymore.
Oh, my childhood paradise has disappeared. It will always be a scene in my heart.