Editor teaches his experience and explores how to find a good hairdressing salon and get satisfactory service.

Since the Dongguan incident, the country has been very strong, and for a while, even if you take a break, you may suddenly have a strong wind. Take Guangzhou as an example. After September 2018, those on the street are wearing massage shops and health stores. In fact, the FJ’s small store has almost all closed, and it has not recovered until now. As for SN, it is almost insecure at night, especially after 20 o’clock, it is very dangerous. In the afternoon, it is better, but there are very few good numbers in the afternoon, which is bothersome. This L believes that in fact, you can find some expected FL, pre-order, first FJ, then KB, the price is not low, of course, there is no SN service, the environment is slightly worse than SN, but the driver’s health problems should be Still can be assured, even more clean than SN, more important is safer, let’s explore how to explore these FL.
1, looking for the target: the old city, if it is not the kind of high-end FL, there are normal shampoo, haircut, but only women, no male hair stylist, you can try, of course, not too bad environment. Of course, if you are all dinosaurs, then don’t go in.
2, the big party first wash the head: first wash the head after entering, anyway, I did not expect to spend dozens of dollars, it does not matter. After entering, someone will say hello to you, ask if you wash your hair or cut your hair, of course, wash your hair first. Then there is a more active little girl or a younger sister who is your turn to take you to wash your hair. If you have more beautiful, don’t feel embarrassed, you can change people, and change your mood more beautifully. During the shampooing process, I asked the younger sister who is there, what special products are there in the hometown, what are the interesting scenery spots, and I also talk about the people there, communicate with each other, simply talk a few words, let everyone know familiar, cultivate and cultivate feelings. Generally, if you have a massage, you will be asked if you want to go to the massage. It is calm and polite to ask “How to charge”, and then after answering, naturally said to yourself: Well, just have time, Then click. Then I followed the little girl to the attic.
3, pre-stage progressive bottom and success KB: follow the little girl upstairs, there will usually be a room or a massage bed that separates the curtain, first lie down, start the massage, do not tamper in the first 30 minutes, to the younger sister Make a good impression, the general massage steps are: head-shoulder-back-hand-legs, that is, head-back-front, head and back parts do not move, we have to wait until the previous time to start implementing the plan, When I press the hand, I will praise her skin and touch her hand. Even if the skin of the little girl is generally praised, her skin is good. Anyway, no woman thinks that her skin is very dark. There are two kinds of skin conditions. One is a white one. Fine, delicate is the skin slippery, if it is not white, it is said to be delicate! Then said that I feel so uncomfortable, pull her hand to touch the XDD part, if the younger sister said that we do not have such a service, then cheeky said it is uncomfortable, you help me touch it, the younger sister is more serious that we do not have this here. Service, then don’t force others, and the twisted melon is not sweet. If there is an FJ service, it will be easier at this time, first FJ, then ask her to add some money K, and finally smooth KB, but this should pay attention to health, she has this service, others will serve others, So pay attention to hygiene, unless it is very close to the eye, generally I will not go many times. Another situation is that even if there is no FJ service, if you have a good chat in front, you will leave a better impression. Generally, you will agree to put the income in the XDD position, and then your hand will touch her X. I don’t have to say it in one step. Anyway, come slowly, be gentle. If you look handsome, it is easier to receive the goods.
    This L has been tried many times in accordance with this method, I wish you all the best!