Lobster fishing

The season for lobster eating and lobster fishing comes when a bright red poster is posted at the entrance of the hotel with the words “fried prawns”.
Lobster fishing is a necessary skill for most rural children. It is not as complicated as the fishing process and does not require much superb technology. Lobster fishing tools are also available everywhere.
Above all, my cousin, who is three years older, told me that he is a good lobster fisher. Every time he goes out, he always returns with a full load. After eating two fried prawns at his home, I decided to worship him as a teacher and follow him to learn to fish lobster.
My brother was very happy to be my master. He was very enthusiastic to find a rope, tied the clam shell flesh he had touched from the river at one end, tied a thin straight branch at the other end, and then handed me the stick, and told me that it was my lobster-fishing weapon.
My brother took me to the riverside in front of my house with the same weapon and a bamboo basket. We found a place where the water was shallow and the current was slow and there was a big rock on the bank to settle down. My cousin asked me to sit on the stone beside the bank, learn from him, throw mussel shell meat tied by rope into the water, and then hold a branch in one hand, waiting quietly. It seems that lobster fishing is still very simple!
After a while, my cousin’s rope wobbled. Did a lobster get hooked? I held my breath nervously. My cousin was not in a hurry, still holding the branch in one hand, slowly picking up the bamboo basket in the other hand. Suddenly, with a sharp pull, a big red lobster fell into the bamboo basket. I cried out happily, as if the lobster in the bamboo basket was what I caught.
My cousin motioned me to be quiet and not to frighten the lobster out of the water. I continued to sit on the stone, waiting quietly for the lobster to hook. Ah, my rope was shaking too. I pulled it up quickly. As a result, nothing happened. I looked at my cousin in frustration. My cousin said, “You’re so silly. The rope must be moving just after the wind blows. Watch out. You can’t lift up until the rope is shaking and you can feel something pulling your rope in the water. Wait patiently!”
Alas, the wind just deceived me! It seems that the road to lobster fishing is not smooth. Ah, the rope is shaking again, and I’m sure there’s no wind, and I can feel something pulling my rope in the water. I gently lifted the rope up. I could see a red lobster clearly through the clear river water. I pulled cousin Lala’s sleeve and wanted him to help me get this hard-won lobster up. My cousin took the bamboo basket and put it near the water. He motioned me to lift the rope up. I dared not get out of the atmosphere, moving the rope bit by bit for fear of disturbing the lobster. As the lobster got closer and closer to the bamboo basket, I suddenly mentioned that the lobster fell precisely into the bamboo basket. My cousin also gave me a thumbs-up.
Soon, with my cousin’s patience and unremitting efforts, we caught more than twenty lobsters. My cousin said, “Let’s get here today. Don’t be too greedy. Let’s save some for fishing later.”
On the way home, my cousin and I had another problem. We were all wondering whether to have fried shrimp or fried shrimp tonight.