Winter Holiday Harvest

Winter vacation harvest This winter vacation is not cold, is a warm winter. The so-called winter vacation should give students a chance to play crazily, but teachers do not think so. So it is reasonable to leave some additional homework, accumulate a lot,accumulate sand into a tower, several subjects of homework together can not be counted with ten pinkies…
Writing homework is really a headache. I don’t say I’m a good student because I’m too lazy to do it. But there’s no way to do it. I still have to hand it in after all. Often when I’m on vacation, I plan to finish all my homework in a short time, but when I start my homework, I don’t know how to do it again. What is it? My comment to myself is: lack of perseverance, theorem, endurance in learning… In the new semester, we must apply those good learning methods to the real life of learning, can’t talk on paper anymore!
During the holidays, I went out with my classmates many times and played a lot of things, such as skating, badminton, watching movies and so on. We also went to Paradise, because it had been a long vacation, so no one, we played a lot of popular facilities smoothly, but also played a lot of things that we did not dare to play before. Perhaps in front of the students can not open face, so how can not stand the facility, come down is a sentence: “I thought it was more exciting, in fact, not at all…”
In my life, after a lot of hard work, I finally overcome some shortcomings, such as watching TV at meals, playing computer too long, not going out to play, not doing housework, sleeping late and getting up late, and so on. These habits do not mean that they can be changed by changing them. They all use the force of nine cattle and two tigers. Sometimes I wipe the floor, though not voluntarily; sometimes I fold the quilt, although not as well as in military training; when a guest comes home, I bring him tea and water, although I know he won’t drink much… As adults often say to us: after a year of growing up, should be more sensible than before…
A winter vacation is almost over. I made a study plan, but my inertia defeated the poor paper on the table as if it had been abandoned. The holidays that should have been made good use of were lazy and wasted. It’s no use blaming yourself for it now. In the new semester, I must overcome my laziness in learning and make a leap forward in my grades. Although these are unlikely to be achieved, I will say that as my goal of efforts, they will continue to develop!
I want to adjust my mind for good semester in the remaining few days. After all, a good beginning is half the battle.
I don’t know if the winter vacation is going to be over. In this winter vacation, I feel very happy, unforgettable and full. I Miss sleeping in the warm bedding every morning, playing games happily in front of the computer, reading extracurricular novels greedily in front of the window, and traveling outside. The past is gone forever. Those interesting and boring things that are neither laughing nor laughing have passed with a leisurely smile. Let it stay in my mind and become a good memory. At first sight, school is about to start. I am so busy that I can’t start with a lot of homework. I’m too busy to do it. I really hate myself. Before my mother urged me to do my homework, I said with indifference that I was too early to play on my own. Hey! I’m really on my own! I get up on time every day from today, do my homework on time, and go to bed on time. Live a regular life and catch up with the time to finish the unfinished homework. Welcome the arrival of the new semester with the best spirit. As soon as I think of the beginning of school, I can see the teachers and classmates who have met for a long time. I am particularly excited, thinking of the teacher’s sweet voice and the students’innocent and lovely smiles. My heart has already flown back to school. I really hope that the new semester will come soon.
In a twinkling of an eye, winter vacation passed again. In this winter vacation, I got some harvest.
When I was in my hometown, I learned to set off firecrackers. I also knew the reason why people set off firecrackers. In ancient times, there was a monster called Nian, who often came out to calamity people. “Nian” is most afraid of red things, so people wear red clothes, hang red lanterns, set off red firecrackers, firecrackers lit when the “crackling” sound, scared away “Nian”. Since then, this custom has been handed down from generation to generation.
I also read two books, one is “The 107 Most Mysterious Things for Primary School Students” and the other is “128 Stories for Middle School Students to Understand Parents”. The first book explains many scientific principles. For example, “Why do whales commit suicide collectively?” That’s because the turbulent sea makes the whales unable to hear the echo, which affects the echo positioning system in the whales, so that they can not distinguish the direction, they rush ashore and commit suicide collectively. The second book impressed me deeply and touched my heart. Parents are like black land, which raises us, embraces all our capriciousness and misunderstandings, and wateres us with their sweat, so that we can grow up day by day.
Friends, what have you learned during the winter vacation? What have you learned?