Zhang Weili’s UFC Championship earnings officially come out with $180,000 plus sponsorship fees

On August 31, in the UFC Fighting Night at Shenzhen Universiade Stadium, Zhang Weili, a Chinese fighter, won an active boxing champion with 42 seconds Tko, becoming the new UFC women’s grass world champion and making history.
After the match, because she and another Chinese male TKO winner, Li Jingliang, both performed well, UFC President Bai Dana announced at the press conference that Zhang Weili and Li Jingliang had won the best player award of the night, that is, the bonus of the competition.
Sina Sports reported before the competition that Zhang Weili had won an independent Championship contract, and her appearance fee reached a minimum of $100,000, the highest in Chinese history for female fighters.
On September 1, UFC officially announced the appearance fees, bonuses and pre-tax payment of official advertisements for all players in Shenzhen Competition. Zhang Weili’s final appearance fee was 180,000 US dollars, about 1.26 million RMB.
The $180,000 includes a $100,000 appearance fee, $50,000 bonus and $30,000 Reebok advertising.
Li Jingliang’s final income was $103,000, or $24,000 in appearance fees, $24,000 in winning prizes, $50,000 in bonuses and $5,000 in Reebok bonuses. The total amount is about 730,000 RMB.
Andrade paid $100,000 for his appearance and $40,000 for the champion Reebok. Of course, Zhang Weili may also have to divide up the battle with her company Black Tiger according to the contract agreement and pay a lot of taxes. After all, it is impossible to achieve such brilliant results only by individuals without the support of a series of teams, coaches and so on.
In addition, these are not actually Zhang Weili’s total income. Before and after the competition, she also has some advertising endorsements on Weibo and other channels, which can also reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.
In view of the fact that the highest entry fee for Chinese women boxers was not more than 200,000 RMB before, Zhang Weili’s World War earnings have created the history of Chinese women fighters.
After winning the championship, Zhang Weili has been widely exposed in the international media. She should be favored by more international brands and some feminist brands. There will be unlimited advertising cooperation outside the competition.