Python strangled to death

November 1, a woman in Benton County, Indiana, was strangled by a 2.4-meter-long boa constrictor on October 30 local time and confirmed dead after being rescued, according to Taiwan Union News. Com. There were 140 snakes in the house at the scene of the accident.
According to reports, Indiana police spokesman Riley said that the 36 year old Hearst was found lying on her back in a house that night, with a 2.4-meter-long Python around her neck. When the paramedics arrived, they removed the Python and treated hurst, but she died.
Data sheet: Python.
Data sheet: Python.
Reilly said Hearst may have been strangled by a Python and will be autopsied on November 1 to confirm the official cause of death.
The house was uninhabited and was specially built for raising snakes. There are 140 snakes in the house, 20 of which belong to Hearst. She will go in and out of the house about twice a week to check the snakes.
According to property records, the house belongs to Benton County Sheriff Munson, a former snake keeper.
According to reports, the snake that strangled Hearst is a anaconda, native to Southeast Asia, which is the longest snake in the world.