Sending money trouble

Xiao Pei’s unhappiness began when his parents-in-law urged him to send money home.
When he first got married, Xiao Pei read it and Xiao Gang had to die on a scholarship. Because he just resigned from the bustling big Shanghai top company and was not adapted to the life of saving money, Xiao Pei always spent the money he brought with him, insisted on a good life, not with other students SHARE house, he built a small apartment like STUDIO, and they lived a beautiful life.
Living a life, Xiao Pei found that it was very dangerous to sit idle. The difference between the RMB and the new currency caused a month’s work before, and there was just enough room rent to pay. Limited days and limited money make it impossible not to find a job.
As he struggled to turn the Straits Times on Saturdays, he began to be cautious and gradually began to cut back on food and clothing in a planned way. For example, the weekly restaurant is changed to COOK in the kitchen. Although the level is very poor, the gourmet Shanghai workers often shake their heads, but they can still be nicknamed “two-person world”. Nevertheless, Xiao Pei, the new daughter-in-law, never forgot to take out 200 new coins from a few bank deposits in the first year of her marriage to honor her parents-in-law.
My parents-in-law was very happy and praised Xiaopei with great intention.
Half a year later, Xiao Pei, with his proud experience as a multinational company, found a job with a good salary, which was a firm foothold.
It’s Xiao Pei, too. I don’t know whether it’s showing off or expressing it to my parents-in-law – I don’t always have leisure meals. In the first month of salary, Xiao Pei took 500 yuan out of his salary bag and remitted it to his parents-in-law.
My parents-in-law is a typical Shanghainese. We can’t say that small citizens, but full of accountants are more trivial. Such as Xiao Gang never blamed Xiao Pei for not finding a job, of course, her parents-in-law did not blame her, but could not help muttering, alas, such two people only eat one person’s money, and so little, how enough! Shanghainese, who say they like to nag or speak frankly, can’t help but hang on their mouths. It’s called hypocrisy when you don’t say what you want to say. Of course, society needs hypocrisy, and what you want to say on your mouth is too big.
Xiao Pei left home early and stood on his own feet. He did not spend any money on his parents or any stinky socks. Naturally, he could not listen to the nagging of his parents-in-law on the phone. Think, how enough, just listen to you complain about me, you see no action, to some practical subsidies. I just ate his rice for a few months, you hum, in fact, according to the situation of Singapore Filipino servant, if I count cleaning, laundry and cooking and sex services, all his scholarships are not enough for me??
So, Xiao Pei sent 500 yuan in his first month.
Xiao Pei’s feats go beyond that. Because knowing that the days ahead are orderly and secure, Xiao Pei will be paid in monthly, so Xiao Pei spoils himself with the rest of his money. For example, I bought a set of ELLE bedsheets which I loved for a long time. I saw SALE’s brand printed there several times. Because I liked it and felt it, but I counted the money in my pocket and stopped. Every time I went to bed, I lay down on the hundred-zi chart that my parents-in-law gave me, and the birds poked at the bedsheets of Shanghai No. 1 Knitting Factory of Feng. Xiao Pei likes the elegant white suit of high-count cotton and the kind embroidered with a pan-mercerized lace. At first glance, it is the English classical country school.
Xiao Pei was also very happy to invite some old friends of Singapore to have dinner together to celebrate his rebirth in Singapore. Because I went to work, the probation period had to perform well, and I had no time to go home. I was afraid that Xiaogang would just come back from school and add a microwave oven. Finally, with the rest of it, I asked Xiaogang to go to HARD ROCK to sprinkle.
So a thick Bank of money slipped away like time.
As an only child, Xiaogang’s weekly report is indispensable. Parents can talk until they eat, drink and sleep, and refuse to put down the phone. Their yearning for their son’s voice is stronger than their yearning for winter’s day. Xiaogang regards this weekly newspaper as a political task to accomplish. In order to have new information disclosed every time, Xiaogang keeps a diary. When he calls, he looks at the diary by the sky. On that day, my parents-in-law asked Xiaogang, “Xiao Pei has worked. How much money have you saved this month?”
It doesn’t mean to belittle the Shanghai people at all. Xiao Gang’s parents take it for granted that Xiao Pei’s income is part of his own income. There’s nothing wrong with asking. There is no privacy at Xiaogang’s house. You think that in the lane life of Shanghai people, you can hang your pants bra outside the second floor window, maybe wipe the top of the pedestrian’s head, put the toilet row on the lane mouth, without covering the lid, wear pajamas and go directly to Huaihai Road. Several families share a kitchen. Every day what they eat and pull presents in front of their eyes. Ask your daughter-in-law what’s income is strange?
This is the same as when Xiao Pei finished Aunt Ji’s exam, Xiao Gang’s parents opened their mouths and asked for scores. Xiao Pei spent a lot of time on his old nose and took a 21,000-year exam. He was full of satisfaction. He didn’t want his parents-in-law to pout his lips on the phone and said disdainfully, “Only 21? Our family has just taken the exam for two thousand three years! _ Xiao Pei’s joy was hit in the head. Now tell Xiao Gang about it. After that, you can’t tell your parents about my affairs. You just talk about yourself!
Xiaogang can talk about himself, but Xiaogang can’t ask his parents. And Xiaogang was born an honest man, a good boy, who would answer every question. So Xiaogang answered, “We didn’t save a penny last month.”
“Saw the bar?” The other end of the phone exploded and Xiaogang had to report the details. Xiao Gang had to count them equally. “The sheets are all new. Do you want to buy them? More than 300 yuan a bed! RMB 1500! The microwave oven is not needed. You eat in the canteen every day! Have a dinner? Nong thinks Nong is a big money. And coffee! Nong really has nothing to do! It looks like you’re going to spend a little money and you can’t save a penny. Xiao Pei-zhen is not a living person. I can see that she changed $5,000 when she left. How high is her salary? After working in Shanghai for so many years, I saved five thousand dollars! When you were working, your mother asked you to pay all your salary and give you only 500 pieces of pocket money, so that you could work for one year and save 5,000 dollars!! _ Xiaogang’s mother’s voice of rebuke on the other end of the phone is endless. Xiao Pei first shook his fist at Xiao Gang indignantly and looked at Xiao Gang’s helpless face. After half an hour, the voice of rebuke was not small at all. Xiao Pei began to worry about telephone charges and frowned at Xiao Gang’s watch.
So Xiaogang, under the attack of right and left, was in a panic and made a promise: “Good! Save! No use! Starting next month, deposit at least 500 per month! Got it. Don’t worry…….. All right. Send it to you. You save it for us! BYE-BYE!”
Xiao Gang promised his parents 500 yuan a month because of his big head when he did not seek Xiao Pei’s advice.
Xiao Pei certainly can’t figure it out. Why do I earn money for you to save for me? I can manage it myself!
Obviously, Xiao Pei’s first sentence is, “Don’t do it!” Xiao Gang shook Xiao Pei’s hand and said, “I promised you, how can I tell you if I don’t send it?” Besides, they are my son. They have their own salary. They won’t spend us. They just keep it for us.
Xiao Pei insisted on not doing it. But after a few days, Xiao Pei finally relaxed and said, “Send it to you, I don’t send it.” Xiaogang of Deling sent 500 yuan a month to his parents’home in Shanghai.
Xiao Pei can’t swallow this breath. Why do your parents have to open their mouths? No way! Your parents want it, and so do my parents.
So Xiao Pei also took 500 out of his pocket and sent it to his parents every month. He had the right to gamble.
Although Xiao Pei has worked, it seems that life is not much relaxed.
The first dispute after the marriage broke out because Xiaogang’s parents urged money. Xiaogang receives scholarship on the 18th of each month, and the 20th thunder can not be moved to remit back.
But this month is special.
The house they rented has expired and they are moving. Xiao Pei wants to find a place close to his company because of his job. Don’t spend more than three hours on the road every day. In this way, in the middle of Xiaogang’s and Xiaopei’s offices, we can only choose high-priced houses close to the city center. After paying two months’deposit and one month’s rent, both of them are in deficit.
That month, Xiaogang did not send money on the 20th.
That month, on the 25th, Xiaogang’s parents first took the initiative to call Singapore from China. They picked up the first sentence of the phone, which was Lianzhu Gun: “Xiaogang, let me make a long story short, I didn’t receive your money this month!” You check!” The phone hung up. No more than 20 seconds.
Xiao Pei was furious: “Never call! When you call, you ask for money! What are they missing? I can’t open the pot here! Lunch meals are likely to last until the end of the month! Didn’t you say that it would be two days late if you didn’t send it? Can’t wait like this? From now on, we will not send it! __

Xiao Pei waved his hand like a nail in the head. There was no room for discussion. Small just became the bellows of mice, pinched uncomfortably. Xiao Gang really wanted to tell Xiao Pei that his parents were not urging money, but worried about losing it on the way. But when he saw Xiao Pei’s wronged and angry appearance, he turned the wind around with great eyes. He had to praise the Shanghai man and coax his wife with a brush: “Right! We don’t send it! No more! At least wait until you’re full before you have enough food to be filial. Not angry, baby not angry…….. Three words and two words ease the crisis.
Xiao Pei’s anger disappeared when he saw that his husband was steadfastly following his own line. The cunning Xiaogang spends at least five hours in his office every day searching for jokes, beauty information, and telling Xiaopei at home to make Xiaopei’s heart blossom. While Xiao Pei was still smiling, Xiao Gang would take Xiao Pei’s waist from behind and shake it two times and whisper, “I think it’s better to send it!”
Xiao Pei is such a tough fighter and has been tested for a long time. No matter how brilliant the smiling face is, it can be closed up immediately. White Xiaogang said, “Don’t send it!”
Xiao Gang continued to fight hard. No matter how late Xiao Pei leaves work, he runs to the station to pick up Xiao Pei. He holds Xiao Pei in one hand, Kun Bao in the other hand, and leads Xiao Pei home. When Xiao Pei was lying on the sofa with a mask on his face, Xiaogang posted it on the shoulder and pinched it on the shoulder of Xiao Pei. He asked, “should we send money home?” Wages are paid.”
Xiao Pei took off the mask and put it on his little face. He slicked his slippers and went back to the bedroom. He said, “no mail, no mail.”
Work should be meticulous, penetrate into the corners of the mouth hair, so that the opponent has no room to think.
After a long battle, Xiao Gang listened to Xiao Pei breathing evenly and sleeping, then asked her, “Or else, I will send it tomorrow?” “Hmm?… Hmm… Hmm.” Xiao Pei turned over and went to sleep.
If the word “En” is repeated in four tones, it will be accepted. If the word “En” is chosen in two tones, it will be questioned. However, Xiao Pei’s sleepy voice is between two and four tones, in which interpretation can be left to Xiao Gang to play.
Hence, Xiaogang regards it as a promise. The next day I sent the money again, about a month apart.
The money sent out is the water spilled out and can’t be collected back. Xiao Pei has to go with him, but as a fair and reasonable principle, it’s still a family of 500. You send it to me.
The day was obviously tense. Housing prices have reached a new level, the burden of the two families has not been reduced, Xiao Pei made bad, as a punishment, first cut off Xiao Gang’s broadband network: “This is too expensive! We need to save! How else would you like to travel to Diaoman Island at the end of the year? Xiao Gang recognized it. It’s a big deal to stay at home, school and crisis. Xiao Pei couldn’t see a plan, but he could regenerate a plan. “We can’t see a movie in the future. Look at it once. It’s more than 50 with tickets, food and drink. It’s enough for one month to surf the Internet. Cut it off! ” Xiao Gang has a little pain. He doesn’t go to the movies on weekends. Are parents-in-law catching turtles at home? That kind of card game seems to be played by teenagers under the age of ten.
Worse still, at the end of the week, “I won’t go out for dinner at the weekend. The next restaurant will cost more than 100 yuan, and the next four times will be just enough for your parents’pension.” Xiao Pei wants to try out Xiao Gang’s bottom line.
Xiao Gang’s bottom line is on his mouth. If the last diner in the Qing Dynasty had offspring, it must be Xiao Gang. His research on eating can reach the level of experts. When eating in a restaurant, he can chew crabs and say that the restaurant is not authentic. There are special pliers on the toes of crabs that can be opened. The meat inside can be taken out to cook porridge very fresh. Or it means that the pickles in this restaurant are not authentic, and there are louvers and green vegetables in it. The real soup should be pure Jinhua ham and pork with fresh spring bamboo shoots. I guess the cost of spring bamboo shoots is too high. They fool us with these things.
Say so, but the meal is still to be eaten in the restaurant. If you don’t eat it, you will feel like you are boiling for a long time, like cooking porridge, instead of boiling soup, the more you cook, the more tasty it will be.
Only a month after going out to eat, Xiaogang surrendered.
Xiao Gang complained to his parents on the phone: “Life is dull, there is no difference between living and dying.” The parents were shocked and asked, “Xiao Pei oppressed you?” Note that the word oppression is used, not bullying. Bullying can be said to be bullying the big and the small in the same class, while oppression is the contradiction between the enemy and ourselves.
“No, there’s not enough money. She won’t let me go out for dinner now. And you know her cooking level, green vegetables are fished out of water, let alone put southmilk stew, not even oil, I can’t eat it.
“Why don’t you have enough money?! We only want you 500 yuan! Where is so much money going? The meal must be eaten well. Men do not eat well. They are all bored.
“Our rent has doubled! I can’t afford the expense. What’s more, we not only send money to you, but also her parents? We’re not cash machines. Come and get it. Where else can I eat? Alas, I am worse than Yang Bailao now.”
“What!!!!!!!!!! She also sent money to her parents?!!!!!!!! How can this be done?” “Why not?” You are parents, and they are parents too. How can I say what I am not sending to you?
“Oh! That’s not the same! We want your money to be saved for you, for fear that you will spend it in disorder. We don’t need you. We won’t give it back to you when we get old. Her parents must have spent it! Don’t come back at all! Why don’t you talk earlier? How long has it been mailed?
“As long as you guys.”
“What!!!!!!!! Oh, ah! This is nearly 10,000 yuan is gone!!!! Why don’t you say it earlier??!” Xiao Pei, a sad cry from her parents on the phone, could be heard across the door. She laughed in the kitchen alone and continued to fish vegetables from the water.
“Don’t send money back from next month! Don’t send it to her parents either! You should eat as you like, and flowers as you like! Xiaogang’s parents suddenly became generous.
The next day was not a weekend, but Xiao Pei took Xiao Gang to Changdi for seafood.