New year’s party

Now it’s close to the end of December. Just after Christmas, the nearest is new year’s day. The annual New Year’s day has always been a favorite festival for us.
The new year’s Eve party is a large-scale bungee that loves Dou kunkun and Fanfan. Time is passing so fast that only a few days are left before 2020. Many friends joked that “2012 seems to be just yesterday, but several years have passed unexpectedly”. While the Buddhist Department lamented the passage of time, it is also a kind of memory and nostalgia to say goodbye to the past through the new year with a sense of ceremony.
When it comes to new year’s Eve, maybe the first thing I think about is to go to KTV for hi song, or to go to the bottom of trampoline, but the strange idea seems to have no power to practice.
All kinds of TV stations are in full bloom
At this time, all major TV stations will join hands with all stars to cross the year, so every year’s TV guests are more concerned about, to see which stars with high traffic will join in.
So at this time of the year, it will receive high attention. In addition to the guests, there is also the host lineup. The host lineup of major satellite TV is very luxurious, and each satellite TV has its own host.
This year’s CCTV cross year, the host lineup is a big bright spot. Today, let’s take a look at the list of hosts of CCTV’s cross year party 2020 just announced by CCTV. Leading by CCTV’s first sister, CCTV boys will be absent.
From the picture, we can see that the host lineup of CCTV is very luxurious. At first glance, it looks very eye-catching. We can see that the middle C is Dong Qing, the first sister of CCTV.
Qing Dong, the host of CCTV Spring Festival Gala
The cross year grand ceremony of China Central Radio and television will be broadcast on the evening of December 31. The party was hosted by Dong Qing, Ren Luyu, Li Sisi, Zhu Xun, nigmati, Ma Yue, Li Zimeng, Gangqiang, Lanyu, Tu Hua, etc.
What’s most surprising is Li Zimeng, a female anchor who usually only appears in the news broadcast. She will also “descend” this time, spending the last day of 2019 with the audience.
According to CCTV news: sail 2020, high turn big!
CCTV’s new year’s party will be a large-scale trampoline scene. On the evening of December 31, CCTV-1 comprehensive channel, CCTV-3 variety channel and cctv-15 music channel will be broadcast simultaneously. Please look forward!
From the exposed preview video, it can be seen that general Zhang Wei, Li Yuchun, Yu Chengqing and other stars will build CCTV Spring Festival Gala into a hot scene of dancing.
Seeing that the balance in 2019 is insufficient, the most important activity “cross year party” at the end of each TV station has been put on the publicity agenda. After you sing and I come on the stage, you start the “Crazy” preheating mode.
According to reports, CCTV’s new year’s gala will carry more people’s livelihood hot spots and trigger people’s brightest memories of 2019.
Recently, ten hosts wrote down their best wishes for the new year on the red card.
Luyu sent a simple new year’s blessing to all of you: “I wish all of you a better year.” Li Zimeng warmly wishes everyone: “what you get is what you want, and what you get is full.”
I have always had a special feeling for the Spring Festival Gala. I feel that without it, it’s like there’s no new year’s Eve. Every Spring Festival Gala, good or bad, will be watched in front of the TV for four hours on time. At the end of the year, archaeology will be examined to see the previous Spring Festival Gala.
In fact, the expectation of the Spring Festival Gala is that it’s a new year’s festival. For fans, they like watching their own love beans and language programs most.
Sailing 2020, high span! CCTV’s new year’s party is not as good as you! On the evening of December 31, CCTV-1 comprehensive channel, CCTV-3 variety channel, cctv-15 music channel, the voice of music of CCTV and classic music broadcast simultaneously. Please look forward to an audio-visual feast!
I wish you all a lot in the coming 2019, good health and smooth work in the New Year!