Three suns in Jilin sky

Around 8:00 on December 31, some residents of Fuyu City, Jilin Province found three suns in the sky. Hu Xiao, China’s chief weather analyst, said that the mirage is a relatively rare atmospheric optical phenomenon, formed by the refraction of ice crystals, and has strict requirements on meteorological conditions.
Around 8 a.m., three suns appear in the sky of Xinzhan Township, Fuyu city.
Villagers said: live more than 30 years to see for the first time, the sky at the same time hanging three suns.
Experts explain: the three Suns are the phenomenon of the sun illusion, and the sun illusion is an optical phenomenon of the atmosphere. At present, the three suns in the sky are slowly fading.
The data show that the sun dogs is an optical phenomenon in the atmosphere, which occurs mostly in winter.
In the translucent thin clouds that appear in the sky, there are many hexagonal columnar ice crystals floating in the air, and occasionally they are arranged in a neat and vertical way in the air.
When the sun shines on this hexagonal icicle, there will be a very regular refraction phenomenon.
That is to say, the two nearby rays are refracted by the sunlight through the hexagonal crystal column.
So, in people’s eyes, there are two other suns on both sides of the real sun in the middle. They are actually virtual images of the sun.
The phenomenon of “sundogs” usually occurs between 5:30 and 6 a.m. or around 9 a.m. and also in the evening. But generally, it will not appear at noon, because the direct sunlight at noon does not meet the refraction conditions.
In Jiaxing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Hohhot and other places in Zhejiang Province, the phenomenon of “magic sun” has appeared, and even “five suns” can be seen in some places.