Boys get red spots from vaccination

Tang, from Fengcheng City, Jiangxi Province, told the Beijing news that his son, who was in primary school, had fever and erythema after getting the flu vaccine, which has lasted for half a month. The reporter of Beijing News learned from Fengcheng Health Committee that the preliminary analysis of Mr. Tang’s son’s condition is related to one of the three problems of allergy, infection and vaccine. The specific cause of the disease is still to be determined.
The boy had fever and erythema after he was vaccinated with influenza vaccine. The local health committee intervened in the diagnosis certificate issued by Jiangxi Children’s hospital. Picture provided by interviewee
Fever and erythema of primary school students after influenza vaccination
Mr. Tang told the Beijing news that he usually works as a decorator in Hainan and his wife lives in his hometown with his 8-year-old son. According to the wechat screenshot Mr. Tang sent to the reporter of Beijing News, there are teachers in the second grade class group of Tangfang primary school who remind parents to vaccinate their children against influenza. The teacher sent a message saying, “the temperature drops suddenly. For the sake of children’s health and avoiding the information of influenza, please ask the children who have not been vaccinated to go to the health center for vaccination under the guidance of their parents (you can choose a convenient time without the arrangement of the health center), and there may be no vaccine later.”
Mr. Tang said that after receiving the notice, his wife took the child to Fengcheng Quangang town hospital for vaccination. “On the day of vaccination, the child said that the body was a little hot. He thought it was a fever caused by a cold. Who knows that the fever has been persistent.”
Mr. Tang’s wife took the child to the hospital, during which the child’s body began to develop erythema, and then water herpes. According to the hospital diagnosis report provided by Mr. Tang, on the morning of December 19, 2019, Mr. Tang’s son was admitted to the hospital and had multiple erythema after being vaccinated with influenza vaccine.
On December 26, 2019, because the treatment in the city’s hospital did not improve for many days, Mr. Tang, who had rushed home, transferred his son to Jiangxi Children’s Hospital for treatment. According to the clinical diagnosis of Jiangxi Children’s Hospital, Mr. Tang’s son has erosive erythema multiforme, exfoliative dermatitis and pulmonary infection.
Mr. Tang said: “my son had no fever, no cold, and no medication before he was injected.”
The health care Commission intervened in the investigation, and the vaccine manufacturer advanced the medical expenses
Up to now, Mr. Tang’s family has paid 340000 yuan for the treatment of the child, and the child can only eat liquid food every day. “The child has a clear consciousness, but from time to time he has a low fever. His mouth is full of blisters. It’s not convenient to talk and his eyes can’t be fully opened.” Mr. Tang hopes that the child can recover as soon as possible without any sequelae, and can return to school as a normal child.
Today (January 2) morning, Fengcheng City Health Committee disease control department staff told the new Beijing News reporter, its unit has been involved in the investigation, it can be determined that children’s body erythema appears as severe exudative erythema multiforme. In addition, Jiangxi Children’s Hospital also analyzed the causes of the children, and thought that the physical condition of the children was caused by allergy, infection, vaccine and other three problems, but the specific reasons need to be further examined, and then confirmed the final cause.
“Due to the difficulties of children’s families, vaccine manufacturers have paid part of their children’s medical expenses in advance on December 31, 2019 based on the humanitarian principle.” The appeal staff said that after that, the vaccine manufacturer will be fully responsible for the follow-up treatment costs of the child until the child leaves the hospital. “We will deal with this matter in accordance with the relevant provisions of the vaccine management law later.”
At present, the county-level cities do not have the qualification and technology to test the batches of vaccines involved, “the vaccines are wholesale in China and need to be identified by experts,” the staff said