Wang feitiaodi, 50

Recently, the Yanran Angel foundation held a party, and the 50-year-old Faye Wong also showed up to participate. Unexpectedly, the 50-year-old Faye Wong caused a heated discussion. The 50-year-old Faye Wong shook her head and stared at Liyan! It’s worth mentioning that Li Yapeng once showed up on the second floor in the same frame with Faye Wong. After all, the Yanran Angel foundation was founded by them and often contacted after divorce.
The embarrassment of the new year’s Party of major satellite TV has not been forgotten. Recently, a super amazing scene appeared in the entertainment circle. Faye Wong dropped Li Yapeng’s thunderbolt party. Zhou Xun also came to congratulate him. It is reported that Li Yapeng’s present girlfriend also attended the party. What kind of fairy scene is this? Ex-wife, ex girlfriend, and present girlfriend are on the same stage. Who can laugh?
According to the party photos that flowed out last night, it can be seen that Faye Wang seems to be in a good mood. She cuddles Dou Jingtong and Li Yan in the party. The picture is quite warm. She dances briskly with the music and immediately becomes the focus of the whole audience. Zhou Xun, who was Li Yapeng’s ex girlfriend, also came to attend. This unexpected frame match between the peaceful ex-wife and ex girlfriend also shows that their feelings are really different , the atmosphere is quite lively.
As we all know, Zhou Xun and Li Yapeng once had a love affair. They fell in love because of shooting the legend of Shooting Heroes, and soon established a love relationship. Unfortunately, their love affair only lasted for two years and ended.
After Li Yapeng and Zhou Xun gave birth to Li Yan, they divorced. Dou Jingtong and Zhou Xun are very good friends. They have been photographed together for many times to go out shopping and take photos together on social networking sites. This also makes people feel the wonderful fate between them. They envy Wang Fei’s magnanimity and deal with all the related departments well.
After arriving at the venue, the indoor temperature is relatively high. Faye Wong directly takes off her coat and only wears a white short sleeve T-shirt. As soon as she arrives at the venue, Faye Wong hugs Dou Jingtong, her daughter, from behind. During this time, she also sticks her ears to communicate with friends, and there is no shelf between her friends. It’s not hard to see that Faye Wang enjoyed the music party. Faye Wong squats down to follow the music and swings her body directly in the stand on the second floor.
Compared with her mother and sister, Li Yan is relatively quiet. Now, Li Yan is studying in Switzerland and has a holiday. In the afternoon, she also put out photos to make new year’s wishes, hoping that in 2020, she would not be hot again.
It is reported that the party was intended to receive 200 people, but because of the great influence of the star family, nearly 400 people finally came. Due to the special relationship of the family, Li Yapeng, Wang Fei, Dou Jingtong and Li Yan estimated that only such opportunities could be reunited in one year.