The police responded that the nurse had been beaten

According to Xi’an Economic Development Public Security microblog, on December 29, 2019, Hao Mou (female, 26 years old, Department of pediatric nurse of Chang’an hospital) was received by Fengcheng Road police station of our bureau and reported to the police that he was beaten in Chang’an hospital. After receiving the police, the police immediately rushed to the scene of the crime. After investigation: Chen Mou (male, 47 years old, manager of a network information company), the father of the alarm department, had a quarrel with Hao Mou, a nurse, because of his skin test injection, and then pushed Hao Mou. Hou Hao chooses to call the police. According to the examination of our bureau, Chen Mou and his family members have not worked in the government departments. Our bureau has accepted the alarm according to the procedure, and is in the process of further investigation and handling according to law.
Please don’t believe or spread rumors, the police said. Xi’an male dizzy nurse also claimed to be the leader of the municipal government. Police: a man in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, who was not a leader, beat the nurse when he took a child to see a doctor, causing him to faint briefly, and also called himself the leader of the municipal government. Local police intervened in the investigation and said the man involved was not a city leader. At about 15:00 on January 2, a staff member of the economic and Technological Development Zone Branch of Xi’an Public Security Bureau told surging news that according to the current investigation, the man involved was not the city leader.