May day off for 10 days in this province

May Day holiday is just around the corner. What’s your plan?
According to the holiday arrangement, May 1 (Friday) to May 5 (Tuesday) will have a holiday. This year’s May 1 holiday can be taken for five consecutive days, which is the first time in many years since the implementation of the policy of large and small long holidays.
What? Do you think five days off is not enough? Don’t worry, this province has put forward a new way of vacation. Let’s have a look.
Recently, the Sichuan provincial Party committee and the Sichuan provincial government announced the opinions on further improving economic work and striving to achieve the economic and social development goals of the whole year, and proposed to encourage paid holidays, may day labor day, Dragon Boat Festival and other small and long holidays to be taken continuously to create a new golden week. In this way, Sichuan will have a new golden week at the beginning of May and the end of June.
“To encourage continuous holidays of May Day, Dragon Boat Festival and paid holidays to form golden week will undoubtedly contribute to the recovery of tourism market, especially the recovery and revitalization of long-term tourism in Sichuan.” According to Wang Xianfeng, director of Hailuogou scenic spot Administration Bureau of Ganzi Prefecture. “Tourists can not only have enough time to walk the West Sichuan Ring Road, drive consumption along the way, but also help to travel at wrong peak and avoid traveling during holidays.”
According to the regulations on paid annual leave of employees, employees of organs, organizations, enterprises, institutions, private non enterprise units, individual industrial and commercial households with employees who have worked continuously for more than one year shall enjoy paid annual leave. Employees who have worked for 1 year but less than 10 years shall have 5 days of annual leave; employees who have worked for 10 years but less than 20 years shall have 10 days of annual leave; employees who have worked for 20 years shall have 15 days of annual leave.
Theoretically speaking, the new way of taking paid leave and continuous small and long vacation can extend the small and long vacation by at least 5-15 days.