First case exposure in Wuhan

“Since experts have said that it is possible for people to transmit people, should they tell the public earlier?”
What are the first novel coronavirus pneumonia cases reported in the first report of the first report of the epidemic to Zhang Jixian? After more than three months, Zhang Jixian opened the filing cabinet for the first time, and showed Liu Xin, the cgtn anchor, the first diagnosis opinions of experts from various departments on these unknown cases, and reappeared the critical moment of the first alarm. At the same time, she also publicly responded to relevant queries!
In a consultation record presented by Zhang Jixian, the patient’s admission time is December 27, 2019, and the consultation time is December 29. The host of the consultation is Zhang Jixian and Xia Wenguang, President of Hubei integrated hospital of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, with 10 departments participating. In the column of “brief introduction to the disease”, it is written: “fever for 10 days with aggravation for 3 days, thick breath in both lungs, moist rale in the left lower lung, no swelling in both legs. After admission to hospital, anti infection (antiviral, anti bacterial) symptomatic treatment was given. Lung CT showed multiple infectious lesions in both lungs with ground glass shadow. The antibody of A-flow and B-flow is negative, and the five pathogenic tests of respiratory tract are also negative… “
Zhang Jixian introduces, this case is the 4th case, South China seafood market sells frozen goods merchant. He is the heaviest and the most typical. With the exception of this disease, six other people have similar symptoms, so let’s discuss it together.
The summary after the consultation record shows:

  1. Continue active treatment, symptomatic treatment;
  2. In view of the limited test conditions of the laboratory of our hospital, it is suggested to continue to report to the disease control departments of Wuhan city and Hubei Province on the basis of reporting to the District Disease Control Department, and organize expert consultation
  3. Because 7 patients were admitted to hospital in the past two days, this patient was the most serious, representative and clustered. Five of them have severe symptoms and may be life-threatening. It is suggested that the superior hospital or the specialized hospital should make diagnosis and treatment. Further identify the source of infection, targeted treatment.
    Zhang Jixian said that after reporting to the CDC, their response was quite rapid. They reported it at noon on December 27, and came to do epidemiological investigation that afternoon. At the same time, they also collected the patient’s blood and throat swab. After the consultation and report on the 29th, the District disease control came again. Also collect the patient’s blood and ask for medical history. “I think their reaction was quite timely.”
    Looking back at the novel coronavirus pneumonia, Zhang Jixian said, “at first I thought it might be an infectious disease, but I never thought that it would be so infectious as it is now, so popular, so much so.”
    Liu Xin, the host, asked, “many people have this idea. Since experts have said that it is possible for people to pass on people, should they tell the public earlier?”
    Zhang Jixian said that there is a process for understanding all diseases. You can’t say too much when things are not completely clear. “If I’m a scientist, how can I tell the public before the conclusion comes out? This thing should have a scientific and cautious attitude. “