Where did Kanghui respond to Kanghui

A netizen asked, “why haven’t you seen Kanghui in the program recently? Where did he go? ” Kangkang responded.
Finally! “Lost contact” 99 days! Kanghui, long time no see!
Today (1) evening, since January 23, Kang Hui, who has been 99 days since the news broadcast, has finally appeared, just like the previous CCTV notice, and entered the live delivery activity jointly launched with the Duojia TV platform. Kanghui’s appearance also made a lot of fans like him happy.
“Mr. Min Sheng” noticed that Kang Hui was quite different from his usual sitting on the anchor station. In addition to the iconic “squirrel face”, wearing a casual dress, it looks very sunny. It is worth mentioning that in the process of live delivery, we can feel that it is totally different from the other three hosts, Sabine, Zhu Guangquan and nigmati.
Kanghui’s rumor dispelling shorts broadcast: the studio has to wear cotton pants and never “wool pants”
On the self-cultivation of the host! Exquisite Kangkang online rumor dispelling: every day, I’m very serious. Once I enter the studio, I will enter a professional state, never wear “wool pants”. Sabine: I’ll prove it! It’s Xiaoni in “wool pants”!