3 universities cancelled by the Ministry of Education

According to the information released on the official website of the Ministry of education, according to the provisions of the higher education law of the people’s Republic of China, the Provisional Regulations on the establishment of ordinary institutions of higher learning and other relevant laws and regulations, the general office of the Ministry of Education announced the filing list of colleges and universities at the junior college level approved by the provincial people’s government for new establishment, name change, merger and adjustment, change of school running system and cancellation this year.
According to the list, three colleges and universities, Shanghai Sports Vocational College, Fujian Police Vocational College and Anhui Changjiang vocational college, have been cancelled.
In addition, 56 new schools were set up, 4 were renamed at the same level, 1 was merged and adjusted, and 3 were changed.
The specific list is as follows:
New establishment
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Renamed at the same level
Consolidation adjustment
Change of school running system
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The Ministry of education has decided to build a number of future technical colleges in Colleges and universities, which can be applied after reaching 6 conditions
In order to implement the opinions of the Ministry of education, Ministry of industry and information technology, Chinese Academy of Engineering on accelerating the construction and development of new engineering, implementing the education and training plan for outstanding engineers (JG [2018] No. 3), and promote the construction of the future Institute of technology, the Ministry of education has formulated the construction guide of the future Institute of Technology (Trial).
The revolutionary and subversive technological breakthrough caused by the rapid development of science and technology is profoundly affecting people’s production and life style, social development process and international competition pattern. It is the historical mission of higher education to speed up the cultivation of scientific and technological innovation talents with prospective cross thinking and seize the opportunity of scientific and technological development. In order to further deepen, expand, break through and set out in the construction of new engineering, accelerate the innovation of system and mechanism in Colleges and universities, do a good job in the prospective and strategic training of leading talents in future scientific and technological innovation, and seize the opportunity of future scientific and technological development, the Ministry of Education decided to cultivate and build a number of future technical colleges in Colleges and universities.
1、 Guiding ideology
We will thoroughly implement the spirit of the National Education Conference and China’s education modernization 2035, focus on the demand for revolutionary and disruptive technical talents in the future, promote colleges and universities with strong overall strength and obvious comprehensive advantages in professional disciplines to take morality as the fundamental task, break through the routine, constraints and barriers, strengthen reform, innovation and guidance, so as to provide high-quality resources and create good conditions With innovation atmosphere as the starting point and improvement of system and mechanism as the guarantee, a number of future technical colleges will be built. Grasp the construction connotation of “new engineering specialty, new requirements of Engineering”, focus on training the leading talents of scientific and technological innovation who are forward-looking and can lead the future development, promote the transformation and upgrading from “made in China” to “created in China”, and lay the foundation for building a strong country of higher education, high-quality development of service economy and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
2、 Construction objectives
In four years or so, we will build a number of future technical colleges in some colleges and universities with comprehensive professional disciplines and strong overall strength, explore the substantive compound cross cooperation law of professional disciplines, and explore a new model for training leading talents in future scientific and technological innovation. On this basis, we will continue to strengthen the construction, strive to forge a group of high-level teacher teams with important influence in the frontier crossing and future technology fields in about 10 years, build a number of science and education resource platforms and digital resources for future technology research, cultivate a group of original achievements that may have significant influence in the frontier crossing science and future technology fields, and form A number of representative system and mechanism examples will be created to lead the future development of science and technology and effectively cultivate compound and innovative talents.
3、 Principles of construction
Adhere to Chinese characteristics. We will adhere to the party’s educational policy in an all-round way, take morality as the fundamental task, deepen reform as the fundamental driving force, serve the country’s major strategic needs, proceed from reality, inherit instead of being conservative, learn from others instead of copying them, take root in China, and explore the training path for future leaders in scientific and technological innovation with Chinese characteristics.
Stick to the future. Strengthen the research and judgment of the future development trend of science and technology, aim at the cutting-edge, revolutionary and subversive technological development in the next 10-15 years, and cultivate the leading talents of future scientific and technological innovation. The development of future technology needs to go beyond reality; the realization path of future technology needs to be explored continuously; the progress of future technology needs to be promoted continuously. We should be brave in shaping forward-looking thinking, in building mature technologies, in developing deep-water areas and in no man’s land for technological progress.
Adhere to cross integration. We should take the initiative to break the barriers of traditional professional disciplines, promote the interdisciplinary integration of professional disciplines, promote the integration of science and engineering, industry and engineering, industry and culture, and medical engineering, etc., encourage colleges and universities to focus on one or more future technical fields, build a coordinated and sustainable professional discipline system, promote the combination of basic and application disciplines, and actively respond to the changes of economic and social development We should take the initiative to lead the development trend of cutting-edge technology and explore a new model of talent training.
Adhere to the combination of science and education. We should strengthen the function of scientific research and education, and explore an effective model for universities and research institutes to jointly cultivate leading talents in scientific and technological innovation in the future. We will guide colleges and universities to integrate talent training with scientific and technological innovation, transform the latest scientific research achievements into teaching contents in a timely manner, promote the wider opening and sharing of scientific research bases and resources, and create conditions for students to contact the forefront of disciplines and carry out scientific research practice.
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