Trump medical report

Overseas network June 4 novel coronavirus pneumonia Trump has revealed that he had taken hydroxychloroquine to prevent the new crown pneumonia, which has aroused speculation about his health. On June 3 local time, the White House released president Trump’s annual physical examination report, which was written by physical examiner Sean Conley: “no major problems or situations need to be reported.”
Trump, 73, weighs 244 pounds, is 6-foot-3 inches tall, has a blood pressure of 121 / 79mmhg and a heart rate of 63 beats per minute, according to a medical report, CNN reported. White House press secretary Kelly mcnani said the results showed trump was “healthy.”.
Trump’s cholesterol values were 223 and 196 in 2018 and 2019, respectively, out of the normal range. According to the latest physical examination report, Trump’s cholesterol value is currently controlled within the healthy range, with a total cholesterol value of 167 and a low-density lipoprotein alcohol value of 100.
Physical examination reports showed that trump had taken hydroxychloroquine for two weeks, saying trump took it after consultation with the nursing team and closely monitored its ECG. A novel coronavirus pneumonia test showed that Trump had no side effects after taking the drug, and had no adverse effects on the heart due to the use of drugs.
As early as Trump’s inauguration, CNN’s chief medical reporter Sanjay Gupta reported that trump suffered from common heart disease. Trump’s doctors at that time suggested that he increase the dosage of cholesterol lowering drugs and make some changes in his lifestyle. Without these changes, trump will have a moderate risk of heart attack in the next three to five years, according to the Mayo Medical Center. Sources close to trump said trump did make some minor changes in his eating habits and didn’t stick to his exercise program.
Trump reported to the media on May 18 that he had taken the anti malaria drug hydroxychloroquine for a week and a half to “prevent infection with the new coronavirus”. He said he wasn’t sure whether the drug was effective, but he didn’t think that even if it didn’t, it would make people “sick or dead.”. On May 28 local time, White House press spokesman Kelly mcnani also said trump felt “perfect” after taking hydroxychloroquine.
Trump’s comments immediately triggered a public outcry. Who announced on May 25 that it would suspend the clinical trial of using hydroxychloroquine to treat patients with new crown. The report published by the British lancet magazine also showed that the antimalarial drug chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine had no effect on the treatment of patients with new crown, and improper use might cause complications.