The 17th son of gambling king’s obituary

On June 27, according to the latest Hong Kong media report, after the death of gambling king Stanley Ho last month, Ho’s family published an obituary in the newspaper today (27), in which the wives of four rooms were called “wives”, and about the number of children, it was revealed for the first time that the gambling king had 17 children, not 16 in public, which caused a heated discussion.
The mysterious man appeared on the list of obituary children for the first time, adding a son of why you bang, who was the youngest son in the third room after you Qi and the youngest son in the fourth room before Qi Heng.
In fact, the gambling king had heard that four tais had another son, he Youjia, many years ago. It has been rumored that he had died, but it has not been confirmed. Now on the list of Mr. Ho’s obituary children, Lu Shan’s true face finally appeared, revealing the real situation. There is indeed another son who has not been exposed, but the official name of his son is he Youbang.
Since the news of the death of gambling king Yuyang and the hospital at the age of 98 on last month’s 26th was exposed, it has aroused heated discussion among netizens. Both the family and the heritage have become the focus of everyone’s discussion. On the same day, he chaoqiong, the eldest daughter of the second bedroom, announced that the fourth bedroom would work together to manage the funeral of his father. It seems that the four bedroom family had orderly discussions about the funeral of Ho Hongshen.
Official announcement of obituary content: the funeral will be set up in the Hong Kong Funeral Home in North Point on the 9th of next month, and the funeral will be held the next day, and the coffin will be buried on a lucky day. The obituary also lists the members of the three generations of gambling king. Among them, the deceased Tai Lai Wan Hua and the two Tai LAN Qiong Ying are in the same row, while the three Tai Chen Wan Zhen and the four Tai Liang An Qi are also in the same row. The four are called “wives”.
It can be seen that about this part of the problem, several housewives have all reached an agreement. For the four housewives, they are all called “wives”, which can be said that the three and four housewives have achieved their wishes. Earlier, the disputes over the four housewares have been surging secretly, which makes netizens guess one after another, especially the disputes over the big housewares are getting more and more fierce. I don’t know what kind of disputes will happen next!