On the scene of college entrance examination

Candidates, I believe you are actively preparing for the exam, but every year there are always a small number of candidates who want to “drill holes”. After ten years of hard study, the ideal is about to be realized. Please cherish the opportunity. Cheating in violation of discipline will be severely punished by laws and regulations. Do not regret for a lifetime because of a fluke psychology. I hope you can prepare for the exam carefully and make a good reference.

  1. The following behavior is an examination violation
    According to the “national education examination violation measures”, if there are the following nine kinds of behavior, it is an examination violation:
    Carrying articles beyond the provisions into the examination room or not placed in the designated position;
    Failing to take part in the examination at the prescribed seat;
    Answering questions before the start signal or continuing after the end of the examination signal;
    Peeping, whispering, mutual signal or gesture during the examination;
    Making noise, smoking or other behaviors affecting the order of the examination room within the scope prohibited by the examination room or the educational examination institution;
    Leave the examination room during the examination without the permission of the examination staff;
    Taking the examination paper, answer sheet (including answer sheet, answer sheet, etc.), draft paper out of the examination room;
    Answering questions with pens or paper other than those specified, or writing names and test numbers in places other than those specified in the examination papers, or marking information on the answers in other ways;
    Other behaviors that violate the examination rules but have not yet constituted cheating.
    The test results of this subject will be cancelled if there is any violation of discipline in the examination. Please pay attention to it and avoid it, so as to jointly maintain the normal order of the examination room and create a good examination environment.
  2. The following behaviors are cheating in exams
    According to the measures for handling violations of the national education examination, the following 14 kinds of behaviors are considered cheating in the examination:
    Take part in the examination with materials related to the examination contents or electronic equipment storing materials related to the examination contents;
    Plagiarizing or assisting others to plagiarize the answers to test questions or materials related to the examination contents;
    Robbing or stealing another person’s examination paper or answer paper or coercing another person to provide convenience for his own plagiarism;
    Carrying equipment with the function of transmitting or receiving information;
    Taking part in the examination in the name of another person;
    Intentionally destroying examination papers, answer papers or examination materials;
    Fill in the name, examination number and other information inconsistent with his / her identity on the answer sheet;
    Passing or receiving articles or exchanging examination papers, answer papers or draft papers;
    Other behaviors of obtaining or attempting to obtain test answers and test scores by improper means;
    Obtaining examination qualification, bonus qualification and examination results by forging certificates, certificates, archives and other materials;
    In the process of marking papers, the answers are identical;
    The discipline of the examination room is in disorder, the examination order is out of control, and there is a large area of cheating in the examination;
    The examination staff assists in the implementation of cheating and makes investigation afterwards;
    Other acts that should be identified as cheating.
    Cheating in the examination results of all stages and subjects registered for the examination are invalid. The violation of examination rules and regulations will be recorded in the national education examination integrity file system, which will have an important impact on further education and employment. The candidates have signed a letter of commitment before the examination, hoping that the candidates will abide by the rules and regulations and jointly safeguard the fairness of the examination.
  3. The following actions will be dealt with seriously
    Deliberately disturbing the order of examination places, examination rooms, marking places, etc;
    Refusing or hindering the examination staff to perform their management duties;
    Threatening, insulting, slandering, framing or infringing the legitimate rights and interests of examination staff and other candidates in other ways;
    Intentional damage to examination facilities and equipment;
    Other behaviors that disturb the order of examination management.
    If one of the above acts of disturbing the order of the examination, he / she will be terminated to continue to take the examination, and the scores of all subjects registered for the examination are invalid; if the behavior of the examinee and other personnel violates the law of the people’s Republic of China on administrative penalties for public security, the public security organ shall deal with it; if a crime is constituted, the judicial organ shall investigate the criminal responsibility according to law.
  4. If the examinee has one of the following circumstances, his / her scores in each stage and subject are invalid, he / she may be suspended from taking the examination for one to three years according to the seriousness of the case; if the circumstances are especially serious, he / she may be suspended from participating in various national education examinations for one to three years at the same time:
    Organizing gangs to cheat;
    Sending and transmitting test information to the outside of the examination room;
    Cheating by using relevant equipment to receive information;
    Forgery or alteration of ID card, examination permit and other supporting materials, and taking part in the examination on behalf of or on behalf of candidates.
  5. If an examinee obtains an examination result by cheating and obtains a corresponding degree certificate, academic certificate or other academic certificate, qualification certificate or admission qualification, the certificate issuing authority shall declare the certificate invalid and order it to withdraw or confiscate the certificate; if it has been admitted or enrolled, the admission school shall cancel its admission qualification or its student status.
  6. In case of any of the following circumstances, an educational examination institution shall inform the school to which he belongs, and the school shall deal with it seriously in accordance with the relevant provisions, until he is expelled from school or dismissed from employment:
    (1) Taking part in the examination on behalf of candidates or by others;
    (2) Organizing gangs to cheat;
    (3) Providing cheating organizers with test information, answers and corresponding equipment to participate in gang cheating.
    In the examination of criminal acts, will be subject to legal sanctions, I hope candidates friends cherish the future, clean