Bus driver killed

At about 12:00 on July 7, a No.2 bus with the license plate number of GUI g02086d in Anshun City drove from Anshun railway station to bus east station. When passing through the middle section of Hongshan lake dam, it broke through the stone barrier and fell into the lake. As of 22:00, 37 people were rescued, including 16 injured, 20 without vital signs, and 1 died. Among them, 5 had no vital signs, 6 were under treatment and 1 had been discharged.
After the incident, the province immediately established a leading group, and the city set up a rescue and rescue headquarters to carry out rescue, investigation and disposal of the incident. At present, more than 1100 rescue forces including emergency, fire, armed police, public security and militia have been organized to carry out search and rescue. The bus has been rescued from the lake and the driver has no vital signs. An ad hoc group has been set up to investigate the incident, and the search and rescue work is still in progress.
According to Tianyan news on the evening of the 7th, the driver was dead. According to the preliminary investigation, the driver, Zhang Magang, is a 52 year old man from Xixiu District of Anshun City. He holds A1 driving license and has been driving No.2 bus since 1997. The details are under further investigation.
Ministry of transport issues warning notice
At about 12 o’clock on July 7, a bus No.2 in Anshun City, Guizhou Province, rushed into Hongshan reservoir, causing heavy casualties. After the accident, the Ministry of transport attached great importance to it. The main leaders immediately communicated with the responsible comrades of the transportation department of Guizhou Province through video connection to understand the relevant situation, put forward work requirements, and sent personnel to the scene to guide the local transportation department to do a good job in personnel search and rescue, situation verification, after treatment, cause investigation and other work under the leadership of the local Party committee and government, and required all departments All departments and units should make overall plans for the prevention and control of the epidemic situation and transportation, strengthen the safety work, and strictly implement the responsibility measures to ensure the safety of the people.
In order to draw lessons from the accident and draw inferences from one example, the safety committee of the Ministry of transport issued the warning notice on the bus crash into the reservoir in Anshun, Guizhou Province, and deployed to strengthen the work of ensuring the travel safety of the people in summer.
First, draw lessons from other cases. We should earnestly enhance the sense of responsibility, strengthen the spirit of responsibility, solidly promote the three-year action of special rectification of work safety, deepen the prevention and resolution of major safety risks, comprehensively investigate and control major potential safety hazards, adhere to the principle of putting people first and life first, and earnestly put the safety of people’s lives in the first place.
Second, strengthen the safety management of urban public transport. It is necessary to urge the public transport enterprises to pay close attention to the physical and mental health of drivers, prohibit the drivers who are not psychologically healthy and physically unfit to work in operation, prohibit passenger vehicles from running with diseases, strengthen the dynamic monitoring of bus operation, and timely remind and correct unsafe driving behaviors.
The bus has been salvaged from the lake.
Third, strengthen the safety of passenger transport in summer. In view of the superposition of travel demands such as travel, student holidays and employee vacations, the safety supervision of long-distance passenger lines, inter provincial tour charter buses and rural passenger transport should be strengthened. It is strictly forbidden to operate passenger vehicles passing through cliffs and waterside mountainous areas and sections with poor geological conditions in bad weather. Waterway passenger transport should focus on strengthening the safety supervision of tourist ships, RO ro passenger ships and ferries. It is strictly forbidden for ships to sail against rules and regulations in bad weather conditions, to operate without a license or to operate unseaworthy, and to prohibit passenger ships from overloading, overcrowding, speeding and beyond regional navigation.
Aerial photos of the rescue scene.
Fourth, strengthen the security of transportation in flood season. We should thoroughly implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on flood prevention and disaster relief, and strengthen coordination with meteorological and geological departments in accordance with the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, early warning, early preparation, early deployment, early inspection and early implementation, so as to effectively prevent secondary derivative safety accidents caused by various natural disasters. It is necessary to strengthen the safety monitoring of transportation infrastructure such as bridges and tunnels under natural disasters, and strictly prevent debris flow, landslides and other disasters from threatening the safety of highway and water transportation engineering construction sites and residences. It is necessary to strengthen the emergency duty, implement the information reporting system, enrich the emergency materials and equipment, improve the emergency plan, and enhance the emergency response capacity.
Three media men rescued several people at the scene of bus falling into the lake:
I’m going to interview the exam room
According to the people’s daily, on July 7, Anshun, Guizhou. After the bus fell into the lake, the man “Yong Ge” and two colleagues rescued several people. “Brother Yong” friends told reporters that he was engaged in the media photography industry, when the incident occurred, three people planned to go to the college entrance examination site to interview.
A Hubei passenger kicks through the window to escape
Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter learned that there was a passenger on the bus from Hubei. The passenger, surnamed Yan, is from Yichang. Yan’s sister said that after the car fell into the water, his brother kicked through the window and swam to the shore. Perhaps because he had held his breath in the water for too long, his brother fell into the water after landing, and was later found by others and sent to the hospital. When talking with his family, my brother’s voice was weak, but he felt that he was in a good mental state. During the whole process, the elder brother had two rib fractures and is currently in the local hospital for treatment.
The reporter contacted a rescue team member on the scene, he said, the biggest problem is poor visibility in the water, only dozens of centimeters, divers need to inch by inch in the bottom of the lake.
Vice Minister of public security went to Guizhou for guidance
Investigation on bus falling into Lake
Today, a bus carrying students rushed into the reservoir in Anshun, Guizhou Province. The Ministry of public security attaches great importance to this matter. State Councilor