213 kimonos for the Olympic Games

Recently, according to Kyodo news agency, “imagine one world” (Tokyo), a general corporate entity dedicated to sending peace messages to the world through Japanese kimonos for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, announced on the 22nd that 213 kimonos with the theme of 213 countries and regions around the world have been produced. These kimonos are integrated into the history, culture and scenery of various countries, and will be displayed in the Tokyo Olympics next year and the Kansai Expo in Osaka in 2025.
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In order to revitalize the kimono industry, which is declining due to sales downturn, Takakura Qingying (52), who runs a kimono shop in Jiuliu rice market of Fukuoka County, proposed to make it in 2014. The kimono adopts the traditional techniques of mize weaving in Yamagata Prefecture and Jingyou Zen in Kyoto Prefecture. It is handmade and dyed by kimono creators and craftsmen from 18 prefectures. The production cost of each piece is 2 million yen (about 130000 yuan), and the total amount is about 400 million yen, which is raised by donation and so on.
The final one is a Japanese themed Jingyou Zen kimono, decorated with flowers from 47 prefectures in red and white. “I would be very happy if it could be an opportunity to learn about the history and culture of various countries and let people who see kimonos be interested in the world,” said Takakura, holding kimono in a store in Jiuliu rice market
Tokyo Olympic Games postponed for a year, Lin Dan such veteran youth no longer, finally said goodbye in advance. But this waiting time also gives athletes and relevant staff more sufficient preparation time! In order to welcome the Tokyo Olympic Games, 213 sets of Tokyo Olympic kimonos produced by elite Japanese kimonos have been completed.