The United States retired world champion

At a regular press conference of the Ministry of foreign affairs today (28), foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin answered reporters’ questions one by one regarding Peng Peio’s remarks on China and the Meng Wanzhou case.
Pompeio said China violates international law on the South China Sea issue
A reporter asked, recently, US Secretary of state pompeio claimed that the South China Sea is not China’s “maritime empire” and that China violates international law. What is China’s comment on this?
Wang Wenbin said that China’s South China Sea policy remains unchanged, maintaining continuity and stability. We have always abided by the provisions of the Declaration on the conduct of parties in the South China Sea. We are willing to work with ASEAN countries to promote the consultation on the code of conduct in the South China Sea and strive to reach a code of conduct to be followed by China and ASEAN countries as soon as possible.
Pompeio said that he would act in accordance with international law, but as we all know, the United States is used to seeking its own private interests in the name of safeguarding international law. It is a consistent position of the United States to apply international law if it is compatible with it and abandon it if it is not. For example, the United States has withdrawn from more than a dozen international treaties and international organizations, which can be called the world champion of withdrawal. Since 2001, the United States has launched wars and military operations against Iraq, Libya, Syria and other countries, resulting in the death of more than 800000 people and the displacement of tens of millions of people.
It is not China but the United States that is engaged in “militarization” in the South China Sea and creating regional tensions. The United States is not a party to the South China Sea issue and is not a party to the United Nations Convention on the law of the sea. However, the United States has repeatedly talked about the South China Sea issue, openly violating its commitment that it does not hold a position on the South China Sea sovereignty issue. In fact, it is deliberately alienating the relations between China and ASEAN countries, provoking conflicts, and trying to create a new card to contain China.
“We want to tell pompeio that the South China Sea is not Hawaii of the United States. If a few American politicians try to muddle up the South China Sea, the countries in the region and all peace loving people will not agree. “
The Canadian side refuses to disclose the necessary case to Meng Wanzhou’s lawyer. Ministry of Foreign Affairs: is this what Canada calls “judicial justice”?
At the press conference, a reporter asked that Mr. Meng Wanzhou asked to publish the full version of the Canadian intelligence department’s documents at the Canadian court hearing on the 27th. The document disclosed that before Meng Wanzhou was formally arrested, Canadian customs officers interrogated her at the airport for three hours without explaining the reason for her arrest. She was misled and deceived. Prosecutors opposed the publication of the documents and denied any conspiracy with the FBI. Canadian Foreign Ministry officials told the court this month that the complete release of the above-mentioned documents may aggravate the tension between Canada and China, putting Canadian citizens in danger. What is China’s comment on this?
In this regard, Wang Wenbin said that we have taken note of relevant reports and expressed concern over Canada’s refusal to disclose necessary case information to Meng Wanzhou’s lawyers, and has made solemn representations to the Canadian side in this regard. Anyone without prejudice can clearly see that the Meng Wanzhou incident is a serious political event. China once again urges Canada to take China’s solemn stand and concerns seriously and properly resolve the Bangladesh evening boat incident as soon as possible in the light of its own merits and interests.
At present, China and India are actively preparing for the fifth round of military commander level talks
On the Sino Indian border issue, Wang Wenbin said that recently, China and India have conducted intensive communication through military and diplomatic channels, and have held four rounds of military commander level talks and three mechanism meetings on border affairs consultation and coordination. The frontier defense forces of the two countries have achieved disengagement in most places, and the local situation continues to develop in the direction of easing and cooling down. At present, China and India are actively preparing for the fifth round of military commander level talks to study and solve the remaining problems in the field. We hope that India and China will face each other, implement the consensus reached by both sides, and jointly safeguard peace and tranquility in the border areas.