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The controversy caused by the full mark composition “living on the tree” in Zhejiang college entrance examination this year has continued to ferment, and from the divergence of “whether to give full marks” to the question of the person in charge of the marking group “being both the leader of the marking group and publishing a book to guide the composition writing of the college entrance examination”, and the involved parties have voiced their voices one after another. On the afternoon of August 10, Li Weishu, a retired media man in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, told reporters that Chen Jianxin, the leader of Zhejiang provincial college entrance examination composition marking group, associate professor of Chinese Department of Zhejiang University and vice president of provincial writing society, served as the leader of composition marking group, wrote and published the composition guidance book for college entrance examination, conducted composition guidance lectures for college entrance examination, and so on On the afternoon of the 9th, I received a phone call from the staff of Zhejiang Education Examination Institute, saying that I had received my report materials and started to investigate.
It is reported that Huiying College of Zhejiang examination institute has indeed received an email from Hubei Province reporting Chen Jianxin and contacted the informants to understand the situation reported.