Trump pardons women’s rights leaders

U.S. President trump announced on Tuesday that she would pardon Susan Anthony, the leader of the women’s rights movement in the United States, who was arrested in 1872 for violating a law that only allowed men to vote. Susan Anthony died in 1906.
According to the report, Susan Anthony played a key role in the American women’s suffrage movement in the 19th century. She was one of the important leaders in the process of women’s rights being recognized and legalized by the US government. She was also a pioneer in anti slavery in American history.
The New York Times said on the 18th that Susan’s pardon was Trump’s 26th amnesty during his presidency. Unlike previous pardons, trump did not mention Susan either during the campaign or during his presidency. Trump pardoned her to attract female voters on the 100th anniversary of the entry into force of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution, which gave women the right to vote.