A 24-year prison sentence for the village branch secretary involved in the underworld

Qilu.com · lightning news, September 5 – on November 5, 2014, a video about GE Qibao became popular on the Internet.
In the video, he, then Secretary of the Party branch of Beichen village in Weiyang District of Xi’an City, leads the crowd to stop and beat the law enforcement police. In the video, Ge Qibao threatened to “handcuff the police to the village committee” and led the crowd to encircle the police. In the dispute, he yelled “call people over.”. Netizens jokingly call it “Xi’an most cattle Village branch secretary.”.
Ge Qibao obstructs law enforcement and leads the crowd to beat the police
On July 27 this year, 53 people, including Ge Qibao, took part in more than 60 criminal acts because of their organization, leadership and participation in underworld organizations.
On the scene of the first instance public verdict of the case of the 53 person underworld like GE Qibao
On September 4, the people’s Court of Guyi District, Xi’an City, issued a public judgment on the case of 53 defendants, including Ge Qibao, who organized, led and participated in the organized crime of underworld nature. Ge Qibao was sentenced for 24 years.
Ge Qibao and others were taken away from the scene of the trial
The court found out that in 2000, Ge Qibao, the defendant, united with family forces and gathered idle people from society, was elected as the Party branch secretary of Beichen village, xujiawan sub district office, Weiyang District, Xi’an city by illegal means. After taking control of the two committees of Beichen village, Ge Qibao and others monopolized the village resources, embezzled collective property through wantonly collecting sand and stones, illegally transferring land use rights, and so on, seeking huge economic benefits, and raising a number of thugs. Gradually, with Li Gongming, Zhang Jun’an and other members of the village committee, GE Liuhu, Ge Wuyuan and other family members, with Yuchen logistics company, Beichen agricultural market and other economic reality Based on the system, they support each other and integrate with each other to form an underworld organization with the defendant Ge Qibao as the organization and leader, Li Gongming and Wang Yonggang as the backbone members, with clear hierarchy, stable structure and clear division of labor.
Since 2000, the organization has illegally amassed wealth, sought economic interests, resorted to violence, threats and other means to do evil, oppressed and injured the masses, attracted corrupt public officials to act as “protective umbrella”, and organized dozens of illegal criminal activities, such as creating disturbances, gathering people to fight, endangering public security by dangerous means, illegally transferring land use rights, and illegally occupying agricultural land The movement forms the illegal control over Beichen village and its surrounding areas, dominates one side, and seriously destroys the local economic and social life order. The 53 defendants were involved in 55 crimes and 11 illegal facts.
After trial, the court found that GE Qibao, the defendant, committed the crime of organizing and leading the underworld organization, the crime of making trouble, the crime of theft, the crime of forced trading, the crime of endangering public security by dangerous means, the crime of illegally transferring the right to use land, the crime of obstructing public affairs, the crime of opening a gambling house, the crime of illegally occupying agricultural land, the crime of affray, the crime of occupation of duty, the crime of intentional destruction of property, the crime of intentional injury, and the crime of impairing public security He decided to execute the fixed-term imprisonment of 24 years, deprivation of political rights for 4 years, and confiscation of all personal property.
The remaining 29 members of underworld organizations were sentenced to imprisonment ranging from 16 years to 1 year and 9 months. Four backbone members of the organization were also confiscated of all their personal property, and 25 members of underworld organizations were also fined in different amounts. The illegal income, property and income of the underworld organization and the defendants identified in the case shall be confiscated, recovered or ordered to return compensation according to law. Ten underworld organizations “umbrella” were sentenced to 16 to 3 years of fixed-term imprisonment and fines of varying amounts. The remaining 13 defendants involved in the case who were not organized by the underworld were also sentenced to separate sentences.