In the past, the head teacher became a colleague

What is the experience of becoming a colleague with a former head teacher? The interaction between the girl and the head teacher amuses netizens! I saw the old teacher saw a girl face confused, showing embarrassed and polite smile. As soon as the girl opened her mouth, the teacher recalled it and was very surprised immediately!
Students become teachers and former teachers sit on the table, netizens: after growing up, I became you
A teacher in Hengyang released a video saying that his students have become colleagues at the right table. Ouyang said that eight years ago, the student’s grades were very good, and he helped himself to read multiple-choice questions. I didn’t expect that 8 years later, she grew up, took over the baton and became a Chinese teacher. She helped more children read papers, “I’m glad that there are successors.”.
What’s it like to be a colleague with a teacher? Two generations of teachers from the primary school affiliated to the mountain teachers’ school jointly cultivate peaches and plums
“When I grew up, I became you. Only then did I know that the podium was held up by others and dedicated to myself…” The song “I’ll be you when I grow up” has inspired many children’s dreams. I hope to take over the teacher’s teaching and become an excellent teacher when he grows up. There are two teachers in the primary school affiliated to Shandong Normal University. They used to be a pair of teachers and students. Now they are colleagues.
“When I took her, Zhang Xin was the study committee member of the class and also the representative of Chinese class. Her study was very good.” Liu Guihua, assistant principal of the primary school affiliated to Shandong Normal University, still remembers the appearance of Zhangxin primary school.
“I went to primary school in 1991 and graduated in 1997. After more than 10 years, I returned to the primary school attached to my alma mater and became a Chinese teacher and head teacher.” For Zhang Xin, her alma mater is not only the place where her dream begins, but also the place where her dream comes true, while teacher Liu Guihua is the one who planted the seeds of her dream.
When Zhang Xin was in the sixth grade, Liu Guihua became the head teacher and Chinese teacher of her class. “Mr. Liu’s Chinese class was very interesting. At that time, I was thinking, if only I could teach to my classmates like Mr. Liu.” Zhang Xin said. Since then, when the teacher’s dream took root in Zhang Xin’s heart. When she applied for the college entrance examination, she did not hesitate to choose a normal school and returned to her alma mater to teach after graduation.
“From teachers and students to colleagues, I am very excited, and I can see the former teacher. This feeling is very down-to-earth. If you have any problems in teaching, you can also find your own teacher to communicate with me.” With the guidance of Teacher Liu Guihua, Zhang Xin explored her own teaching method.
The relationship between teachers and students has remained unchanged for more than 20 years
It has been more than 20 years since Zhang Xin graduated from primary school. Although the school has changed, Zhang Xin can always answer immediately the past events related to Liu Guihua.
“I remember when I was about to graduate, Mr. Liu wanted everyone to wear a red scarf, because it might be the last time that students would wear a red scarf.” After listening to teacher Liu Guihua’s words, Zhang Xin went home and immediately took out the red scarf and ironed it. The next morning, she came to school wearing it. In this way, wearing a red scarf, she left the only picture of her school days with teacher Liu Guihua.
The picture has turned yellow. The girl wearing a red scarf in the picture has become a backbone teacher. The young and handsome teacher Liu Guihua is also more energetic. Although everything has changed with the passage of time, this relationship between teachers and students and their original intention of teaching and educating people has not changed.
“In fact, what a teacher is most proud of is that he can cultivate a group of talents who are useful to the society. Although it is very hard, I am very proud to see the students grow up.” Liu Guihua said.